Jam-Packed Weekend {MIMM #21}

Good morning!

Man, did I have a whirlwind of a weekend! It was jam-packed with long dance rehearsals and a performance, and it felt like we were going non-stop. I would say that it definitely made up for the wonky, half-ish week brought on by a couple snow delays/early dismissals. Nevertheless, I found a lot of marvelous moments to be grateful for 🙂


Thanks, Katie, for hosting this Marvelous link up!


I was feeling incredibly antsy at school because we watched a bunch of different films/documentaries in different classes, so there was a whole of sitting. So much so that my hip flexors started hurting?! I sit straight up by habit, so maybe that engages my hip flexors? Either way, I needed to WALK, so that’s just what I did— a 45 minute treadmill incline walk.

Studying for midterms followed.

In the evening, I went to dinner with some of my best friends for Je’lyn’s birthday celebration! I love intimate little celebrations like these, where everyone can be included in the conversation at all times. And in true Alison fashion, I got a picture of my food, but I didn’t get a picture with the birthday girl…#foodoverfriends

I kid. 😉


Golden beet salad with pistachios, gorgonzola, and dried cranberries— so good!

I also had Lentil Spinach soup, but the picture makes it look like a black abyss.


Hazelnut gelato!


I slept in, had a nice breakfast, and then headed off to a full day of dance: assisting junior master class, master class rehearsal, and then a local performance with company. At least I get to spend the day with these beauties:

IMG_3302 IMG_3303 IMG_3304

Also, my friend let me have some of this:


Pesto. Gouda. CHEESE.

She called her mom to ask her where it was from, and it’s from TRADER JOE’S! Man, I love that Joe. I will be picking up some of that cheese soon.

When I came home at around 8:30, I ate dinner and did some homework and prepared my lesson for Sunday school.


It was a struggle to get up. First up was teaching Sunday school. Then ’twas four hours in the dance studio for company rehearsal. We got a lot done, so that’s a good thing!

Afterwards, I came home, ate a snack, showered, and then went to the last English Mass of the weekend. I also swung by Stop and Shop to pick up some headbands and garlic for my mom. I came back with ten extra Fage yogurt cups though— they were $10 for 10!

DSC_7504 DSC_7502

Studying for midterms.



Wooooosh. I must admit that I had a minor crying session before going to Mass, but it was more of an emotional release than a breakdown or anything like that. I had been trying to keep a positive attitude all weekend despite the busyness and I wasn’t feeling very stressed, but all of a sudden, I let my typical emotional self take over for about five minutes. I felt much better after I let the tears out. Special shootout to the ‘rents who are always equipped with big hugs!

That may not make any sense to you, but let’s just say: It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to. 😉

Have a marvelous Monday!

So tell me:

How was your weekend?

What’s one awesome thing you ate this weekend?

Are you a crier like me?








25 thoughts on “Jam-Packed Weekend {MIMM #21}

  1. Sometimes a cry is the best form of medicine =) Besides your little cry session, I’m happy to hear you had such a wonderful weekend & were surrounded by all the people and hobbies you love! I’ve never heard of pesto gouda cheese, but it sounds delicious!!!

  2. sitting all day definitely tightens your hip flexors. by sitting every day for long periods of time they actually become shorter because they’ve been flexed for so long- which is why it’s so important to be active and stretch them out!

    sounds like a great weekend -that gelato looks amaaazing.

  3. Now that is a crazy busy weekend!
    My family knows me as someone who cries for nothing hahaa! I don’t cry out of pain in a hurry..but when I’m slightly off kilter emotionally, there is going to be a sobfest. It used to be a regular occurrence before but thankfully has sort of stopped! I think we as females don’t need to ‘explain’ our tears..am I right ;)!?

  4. I keep forgetting you’re in high school – you’re an old soul, my friend. 😀 But, with that said, you should definitely keep up with blogging/writing because you’re amazing. My weekend was good – I spent a lot of time in the gym & the yoga studio which I really, really needed. I hear ya with sitting – I absolutely despise it. I have a desk job, too. 😦

    The best thing I ate over the weekend was Indian food. Mmmm!!! (In your face Arman – if you’re reading this…)

  5. Oh my gosh! I can’t wait to go to Trader Joe’s again! Imagine that cheese in a panini?! Life changing. Also, I had an emotional breakdown last night too from my anxiety, so I know how you love! Stay strong. I was also thankful my best friend was a phone call away to help me calm down. ❤

  6. Wow. A weekend full of dance. That’s awesome! =)
    And, it’s okay to cry and let things out. It’s better to do that than hold your emotions in. I cry sometimes too. It’s normal for humans.

  7. It seems like you had a very busy weekend but full of fun activities! 😀
    I would love to learn how to dance, but I’m a little too uncoordinated for that. Accident-prone girl here!
    Your eats look delicious. I’ve never had gelato.
    You and your friends are all so pretty!
    You can never go wrong with deals on fage. 😉
    Have a marvelous week!

  8. It sounds as though you certainly did have a very busy weekend! I don’t like sitting for long periods of time either, since I get quite stiff and antsy. I love spending long days at dance class or rehearsal, especially when you are able to get a lot accomplished. What better way to spend your weekend than dancing, right?:) I have never heard of Pesto Gouda cheese, but it sounds very interesting! Even though I normally don’t eat dairy, I am sure my dad would love to try it–he always enjoys tasting new and interesting food. I think sometimes it is almost necessary to have a crying session, since it certainly does help release (at least for a while) pent-up stress, frustration, or other anxieties. I tend to bottle up my emotions, which I know is unhealthy, and sometimes I just have to let them out in a flood of seemingly pointless tears. That being said, I normally do this only when no one else is around. I hope you have a fantastic day!

  9. I feel ya girl! I hold everything in until I just can’t take on anymore and then I have a big old crying session! It’s a weekly thing for me💁 fun times over here!
    Anyways, have a great Monday. And in the words of my dad “take it easy… remember no one is getting out of here alive”😉

  10. Geeze! you, my friend, had a crazy jam packed weekend indeed!

    Sometimes a good cry (whether it be just for being overwhelmed) can be therapeutic! Um….that cheese? It looks like sour worms or something! You guys have the best food products….

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