Behind the Scenes #7: Cheerio Algebra

1. I had a huge brain fart last night. Dance company had a scheduled rehearsal from 8-8:30 last night of which we were notified at the beginning of the week. But here I am last night, going about my business at 8:00 PM, and then I get a call from the director of company:

Me: Hello?

Director: Hey Alison, I just wanted to call you because we have rehearsal right now and I was checking to make sure you were okay.

Me: (thinking for 2 seconds…@!#%@$#!!) *Gasp* Oh. my. gosh. I am so sorry. I completely forgot. 

How’s that for the world’s crappiest excuse? But honesty is my best policy, as I’ve said before. The problem was that I didn’t right down the rehearsal time anywhere, so despite saying I could go, it just slipped my mind. Thankfully, the director was very cool and understanding about my foolishness, and she said I can catch up on the little tweaks made to our dance during rehearsal. Lesson: write appointments down ASAP.

2. Midterms start today, and apparently I need the whole kitchen table to study for AP Calculus. (Note: We always keep our most frequently-eaten snacks on the table. Those aren’t ALL my study snacks 😉 )


3. I’m also the biggest nerd/breakfast enthusiast. Look at what I found in my notes:


honey nut + banana nut = yum

nut (honey + banana) = yum

honey + banana = yum/nut or nut = yum/(honey+banana)

My friend, Kristi, who sits next to me in business calculus used to always bring Cheerios as a snack, so I guess I decided to make math out of food. I don’t even know what else to say.

4. I cleaned my laptop the other day, wiping is nicely with a wet wipe and then a dry paper towel. But that has rendered absolutely pointless since I’m always eating around my computer and thus always getting crumblies and dirty fingerprints all over it.

DSC_7480 DSC_7486

I should probably at least get one of those silicon keyboard covers, because when I took my laptop to school, I saw allllll the stuff on my keyboard under those fluorescent lights. Or I can just be less clumsy when I eat, but that’s not gonna happen.

5. There are 3 reasons I would like to go to Florida right now: a) It’s warmer. b) Hello, it’s Florida. c) GRILLED CHEESE at this place. It’s called Toasted and they have craft grilled cheeses and burgers, and I’ve actually never been there before. For some reason, my Yelp account is set to Orlando, FL (I guess since I set it up when we went down there last summer), so I always get emails about popular restaurants down there.

The grilled cheese I want right now: fig & goat cheese with Havarti, basil and honey. That’s right.

6. My parents went to visit my relatives in Canada this weekend to make up for our absence during Christmastime, and they came back with some fun Canadian loot!


Coconut sugar


Dehydrated pineapple rings— so good!!!


DSC_7460 DSC_7463

Canada mitts, homemade shortbread and maple sugar dark chocolate from my Aunt Sharon (Thank you!)


These tasty-lookin’ bars from my grandparents (thank you!). Are these like Canadian-brand KIND bars? 😉

photo_3 photo_4

A scarf and earrings from my other aunt and a homemade rubber band bracelet from my cousin, Kate 🙂

7. I keep forgetting that the Olympics are coming up so soon! I’m so out of the loop, so I need to brush up on my winter athlete knowledge.

Sochi 2014 Company Olympics


8. Currently obsessed with this song my Young the Giant’s alter ego (their former name), The Jakes.

9. I’m finishing typing this in school, and I just took the first part of my AP Calculus midterm….You know that grrrreat feeling when you find out you got a question (or two) wrong? That’s me right now.

10. I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday! Thank you to Amanda for hosting this awesome Thinking Out Loud linkup!


So tell me:

Have you forgotten something important recently?

Do you eat by your computer often?

Are you in the mood for grilled cheese?

Are you looking forward to the Olympics?

What is your favorite song right now?


20 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes #7: Cheerio Algebra

  1. I always love the Olympics…when I remember them. We have a quasi craft grilled cheese place here in town…I really only needed to go once. Not the biggest fan of them, they were super calorie bombs. I eat every meal during the day at my computer…that poor keyboard.

  2. Omg I feel like I could’ve written this post! I just remembered it’s my brothers birthday today! A++ for me! 🙈
    I always eat and snack by the computer and have spilled hot beverages on the keyboard twice! Ahhh lol
    I wasn’t craving grilled cheese until I googled that restaurant!!lets go girl!! Start packing😉

  3. Thanks for getting me in the mood for grilled cheese!..specifically the combo you want, *drool*. Ah noooh I can’t imagine how you must have felt through that forgotten episode..eeek! Makes for a good story though 😉 . Hmmm I need to eat at my laptop’s fun but I don’t do it enough :p

  4. Thanks for spiking a craving in me for grilled cheese..specifically the combo you mentioned *drool*! Aaah noohhh I can’t imagine how you must have felt through that forgotten episode..eeek!
    Those banana equations are mind boggling..yeah maths is not my strong point :p

  5. Your #1 is why I’m basically OCD about writing things down in my planner ASAP. I have a Moleskine that is attached to my hip, and things go in there INSTANTLY. I had a friend who missed a college midterm because he forgot to write it down. Yup. Not happening to me. And girl… I’ve given up on trying to clean my keyboard because it basically gets dirty again a second after I clean it. I’ve tried eating meals away from the computer before, but I just get so bored that I end up trying to finish my meal super fast so I can get back to doing more interesting things 😆

    • That is seriously awesome that you write your stuff down so competently. I usually put things into my iPhone reminders right away, but this one…I dunno what happened.
      And I feel ya on the getting bored while eating thing— I need to talk to people (in real life or through blogs)! 😉

  6. First of all grilled cheese is my favorite sandwich of all time so now I want to go to FL too haha. And not that this is closer for you at all, but in the KY/OH area is a restaurant called Tom + Chee that only makes “gourmet” grilled cheese as well…yum 🙂 Totally worth it!

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  8. I for one forget a lot, so writing down notes is a big savor for me!
    Good luck with your midterms? I am no math genius what-so-ever.. Haha looking at those notes just made me laugh out loud. Your equations are all correct. 😉 Ugh, grilled cheeses are amazing. The one your want sounds divine! It looks like you got some good finds from there. I would love to go to Canada one day. 🙂

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