WIAW: Something Old, Something New


I want to thank you all for your support and advice yesterday. It’s assuring to hear that a lot of other people are going through similar experiences— it just goes to show how hard it really is to rest more and eat more!

Unlike last week’s WIAW, which was all about recurring food themes, I’m going to attempt to bring a little more variety to the table with some new foods and some foods that I’m bringin’ back from the past. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I’ve been posting meals like it’s my job. Maybe one of these days I’ll actually post a picture of something other than food… But food is usually more interesting than, say, my face? Or the generic sunset/fresh snow/cat-all-up-in-my-grill picture? Not that those aren’t fun to look at though! I don’t know where I’m going with this. I’m done. Food pictures.


Check out Jenn’s linkup for some more spice of life!

{These are some eats from different days in the past week!}



Gina’s cookie dough cereal with strawberries and banana


New: Love Grown Peach Almond Vanilla Hot Oats with a dollop of peanut butter and strawberries on the side


New-ish: Greek yogurt with sliced banana, a strawberry banana muffin, chia seeds, hemp hearts, and a big spoonful of pepita sun seed butter. This was so good that I had it again the next morning…and again yesterday morning.


Hot banana oatmeal in a cherry butter toffee peanut butter jar. RIP peanut butter jar.



Avocado toast, caprese salad, and two soft-boiled eggs with s+p


New-ish: Turkey, cheese, lettuce, jalapeño greek yogurt dip panini + side salad with tomatoes and homemade peach jam vinaigrette



New: Bell peppers with jalapeño Greek yogurt dip from Costco


New: Some bites of these Rickaroons that my mom bought via @Kayleale on Instagram. I’m telling you, my mom is a social media/foodie picture aficionado now.


Giant, juicy oranges

DSC_7435 DSC_7438

New: Strawberry banana muffins (used this recipe minus the streusel). Oh so wonderful!


New: Not dried leaves…not goblin feet….Dried pears! Nothin’ but pears and they’re delicious, I promise.


photo 1

New: Sushi date with a couple girl friends! Eel cucumber roll and Fantastic Roll (tuna, salmon, yellowtail, avocado, and marbled seaweed with a special dipping sauce). YUMFREAKINGTASTIC.


Bringin’ it back: Kylie’s Whole Grain Crust Pizza Quiche! I made this once before, and I thought it was due time to make it again. I don’t make a recipe more than once very often!


New: Homemade whole wheat crust margarita pizza! I was ridiculously close to tossing the dough when I made it, but I’m glad I stuck with it. It turned out quite tasty!


A slice + side salad with some on-the-brink-of-too-smelly leftover salmon. 


frozen yogurt 1

More of these babies. {Recycled photo}


Bringin’ it back: PEANUT BUTTER BANANA SOFT SERVE!!! With some Greek yogurt for added creaminess and protein. I’ll be adding the Greek yogurt from now on— so good!

I also want to add that my “little sister” from dance company, Lilly, tried overnight oats for the first time and LOVED them! I was a little too excited.

photo 1

In a sunflower seed butter jar, making it the optimal experience.

It was certainly nice to add some more fun flavors to my palate this week. Although, I could probably live off of just bananas, yogurt, avocado, brown rice, and grilled chicken.

Happy Wednesday! Yesterday was a half day because of the snow storm, and today may or may not be a two-hour delay…(I’m typing this on Tuesday night). Either way, stay safe and warm wherever you are!

So tell me:

Did you try any new foods this week?

Have you ever tried making a homemade pizza?

What kind of Instagram photos do you enjoy seeing the most?


25 thoughts on “WIAW: Something Old, Something New

  1. Hahahaa those goblin feet gave me a slight shock :p ..ooh that homemade pizza looks yumm. Last I made pizza from scratch was a few years back, in school! Yeah that long :(. I’m not good with trying totally ‘new’ foods..like I probably would be scared to have Eel sushi!

  2. ALL of your food looks INCREDIBLE! I am stuck in a food rut and on repeat so I haven’t had too much “new” lately, I am jelllin’! haha 😉

  3. I’m pretty sure that all of my highest liked IG photos have been food ones… meaning people only like me for my eats 😥 Buuuuut it’s all good because those are normally the kind of of pics that I like the most too 😛 It’s just neat to see what other people are eating and get new ideas… which I sort of need since I’m basically surviving off of snack plates and granola bars at this point.

  4. Lovin this post- I’m always looking for new healthy food ideas and snacks and you listed a ton! I eat a yogurt bowl every single day and I love the idea of adding the sun seed butter and chia seeds. Your lunches look great too- especially that panini! Where do you get jalapeno greek yogurt dip?!

  5. Everything looks so good this week! Or maybe I’m just extra hungry? Lol probably a mix of both!
    That pizza looks awesome! I’ve never made pizza before (real pizza vs English muffin pizzas😉) because baking with yeast always intimidates me🙈.
    And I 100% agree with you that food Instagram pics are the best! No offense to all you cat lovers out there!
    Have an awesome day girlie😘💗

  6. Okay I seriously love every single thing you eat! What kind of a camera do you use? Your pictures are fantastic! The dried pears sound really yummy – although they do look like goblin feet, lol! I’ve never made pizza dough, but I’ve added my own toppings to a premade one 😉 I’d like to try and make my own though! Happy WIAW!

  7. Can you fedex me all those meals? For real?

    I haven’t made dough dough from scratch since I was young, but I recently made soft pretzels with yeast and it wasn’t too nerve racking! I love foodie instagram photos but not when I’m hungry. That is a recipe for disaster!

  8. You can never go wrong with adding peanut butter to the mix. 😉 I love topping greek yogurt with all sorts of fruits and mixing in peanut butter. It gives off such a smooth creamy texture you can’t beat! Avocado toast is so good. I love avocados alone. They have flavor that I can’t describe but enjoy. Strawberry banana muffins? I need to get on that! I love making homemade pizzas. Having the ability to customize with what you have is so fun and yummy. That soft serve? LOVE.

  9. I love making homemade pizza! Back in the day my mom used to make it with the bread machine. Now we stick to Trader Joe’s pizza dough and it’s still just as fun 🙂 Love all your breakfasts!!

  10. I need to know your technique for how you got your semi-soft boiled eggs so perfect in the above picture? I’m always trying but they either end up too soft or overcooked.

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