WIAW: I See a Theme…

Hey hey, party people!

I want to thank you all for your condolences on my loss of PICTURES yesterday. Surprisingly, I’m not freaking out about it that much. At least I know about the problem, and my most recent posts still have all their pictures!

Another reason to be happy: WIAW! I’ve noticed that my meals have had some recurring themes in the past week or so. Besides breakfast always including banana and nut butter, there has been a ton of Greek yogurt and toast thrown in there as well. As for dinner, avocado and lots of green veggies have been the name of the game. Gosh, I ♥ avocados. Not only do they add (yes, addI’m tryin’ to grow here!) extra calories to my meals, but they’re also creamy, delicious, and wonderful.


Thanks as always, Jenn, for hosting this culinary partayyy!

These are some of my meals from several different days in the past week (or two, to be honest)!

Breakfast Themes: Bananas, Nut/Seed Butter, Greek Yogurt, and Toast (when are those NOT themes though?)


Greek yogurt with crumbled sweet potato waffle, banana slices, and sunflower seed butter


The last of the Greek yogurt with banana slices + raisin pumpkin seed toast with cherry butter toffee peanut butter


Overnight oats in an almond butter jar!


Greek yogurt with banana slices, cinnamon, and nutmeg + fruit and nut toast with coconut oil and honey


Good ol’ banana oatmeal with white chocolate coconut peanut butter + cereal to top for crunch


Greek yogurt with banana, cinnamon and nutmeg + fruit and nut toast with peanut butter

Oh, how I adore breakfast.

Lunch Theme: Turkey, Cheese, and Mustard Sandwiches

photo 4

Every day at school. Simple and tasty!


Lunch from Saturday at dance: Salad with brussels and grilled chicken + blueberry oatmeal bar + baby carrots

Snacks Theme: More Greek Yogurt and Bananas


Homemade granola bar

DSC_7416 DSC_7392



Clementines (recycled picture)

carrots and hummus

Carrots and hummus (recycled picture)

Dinner Themes: Green Veggies, Avocado, and Grilled Proteins


Curry quinoa, spinach/kale/carrot mix, grilled chicken, avocado


Brown rice (somewhere under there, I promise), spinach, grilled chicken, avocado

DSC_7401 DSC_7402

Chicken hearts (yep! they were good) sautéed with bell peppers+ brussels + chicken, bell pepper, and spinach spring rolls with peanut dipping sauce


Two sunny side up eggs, brussels, avocado toast


Grilled salmon, brussels, curry quinoa


Grilled salmon salad + avocado toast

All dinners made possible by momma, who pre-cooked lots o’ things for convenience throughout the week! 🙂

Desserts Theme: Same Ol’, Same Ol’

DSC_7414  frozen yogurt 1

Healthy Choice frozen Greek yogurt cups


Figs with Greek yogurt (recycled picture)

Wowza. I just atomic bombed you all with photos. I hope they looked tasty nonetheless!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

So tell me:

Do you ever find recurring themes in your meals?

What have you been eating for breakfast recently?

Do you love avocados?


30 thoughts on “WIAW: I See a Theme…

  1. Gahh everything looks so good! We have such similar tastes 🙂 … Those breakfasts – my gosh <3! If I wasn't eating baked peanut butter oatmeal for lunch(!) while reading your post I'd be in trouble. And yes to avocado everyday..cannot do without it. How about I come for dinner one of these days!? I'll bring dessert :-p

  2. Oh man… every single thing looks fabulous! Although I don’t know how I feel about the chicken hearts – lol! Bananas and nut butter are an everyday breakfast occurrence for me too. And I have a turkey sandwich everyday for lunch! Our dinners are a bit different though – I think I like yours better! How about you come cook for me? 🙂

  3. Might be reoccurring but it all looks delicious to me !!
    All my breakfasts include oatmeal,nut butter, banana, and sometimes Greek yogurt! And I literally have the same sandwich as you for lunch 9 times out of 10 (or 6 times out of 7?😏) It’s only dinner that seems to a vary a little bit more for me.
    Anywho!!!….have a good day!!! 😘💗

  4. All your meals look amazing!!! Salmon, chicken, eggs, brussel sprouts and avocado are some of my favorite foods. And yes, I love avocado. I like to mix it with greek yogurt, lime/lemon juice, garlic and salt and use it as a dressing or spread on top of chicken or fish.

  5. Wow you have me sold on that salmon and brussels sprouts meal! I’ve been in a breakfast rut, especially since I start work on the early side. Sometimes shaker protein shakes and sometimes yogurt and quinoa granola. Love my nut butters though!

  6. I love spring rolls. I had some for dinner on Sunday and totally forgot a picture. I typically put in shrimp and meat and omit the noodles.

  7. I’m very much in love with all the bananas, nut butter, and Greek yogurt in your breakfasts. I’m 99% sure that I could live off those three things for the rest of my life and be perfectly content. Well… I’d probably miss oats (that’s what I’ve been eating for breakfast for.ev.er), but those 4 foods have been pretty big obsessions for as long as I can remember.

    Happy Wednesday, girlie!

  8. Your meals are amazing as usual- that’s just a given. Seeing as it’s Summer here, Avos should be cheap, but stupid Australia doesn’t go by normal rules and their prices are ridic…they are so good!

    Random note but big props to you Alison- at such an age to realise the errors of your past and making amends early- very courageous and inspirational 😉

  9. Even though there is a theme occurring, my mouth couldn’t help but water. I love mixing greek yogurt with banana and peanut butter. Pure food bliss. Pretty much your dinners are what I have been craving.

    I find myself have oats every. single. morning. What can I say? They’re so good. I do change up the toppings though. 🙂

    I love avocados. Always a necessity on my sandwiches!

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