Patience is a Virtue


So I’m sittin’ here on the couch, typing up a blog post, and I need to look back at an old post as a reference. I then realize that all the pictures in the post are just blank boxes. Hm, strange. My server isn’t slow or anything. I try checking a few other past posts, and realize that some of the pictures are absent from them as well…Aw, crap.

I spent a while this weekend trying to make room in my Media Library folder here on WordPress, deleting almost all the pictures I thought I didn’t need anymore. Well it turns out that when you delete a photo from the Media Library, you delete it from the post in which you included it. Darnflubbernuggets.




If you happened to be checking out any of my past posts, you may have noticed this. Thus, for the next couple of days, I will be slowly but surely trying to retrieve all/most of the photos I previously posted so that my blog can be filled with something more exciting than just words again! I will also most likely be getting a media space upgrade. —>Question! If I switch to self-hosted, do I get unlimited media space? This juvenile blogger needs some HELP.

This will certainly require a ton of patience and humility as my dad just told me. *Dramatic sigh*

I actually had some deep-ish post planned for today, but then this whole ordeal popped up outta nowhere, so I’ll save the original post for next week. But just so I don’t leave you with a pathetic post of my petty problems, here are some moves and grooves as of late!


We did an intense running pacer test in physical education yesterday, and I did fairly well considering I am by no means a runner. In the pacer test, you run back and forth across the gym to a certain marker, and you’re regulated by the sound of a beep. You have to run to the marker by the time the beep chimes, and the time between the beeps progressively gets shorter and shorter, so you have to run faster and faster. It’s as annoying as it sounds.

Besides that short burst of sprinting (that left me pretty tired!), I headed to the gym for an easy 10 minutes on the elliptical followed by some lower body strength exercises (3 rounds of each):

  • 10 bench sits each leg + 25 goblet squats
  • 12-15 Bulgarian split squats + 1 min. wall sit
  • 20 hamstring ball curls + 15 bridge leg lifts each leg

My original post was actually about my workouts and how they still might be more intense than I set out to make them for now. But we’ll get to that next week I guess.

And because food pictures are always fun to look at…



Greek yogurt with sliced banana and cherry butter toffee peanut butter. A classic.



I already started demolishing this by the time I took this picture. It’s curry quinoa (that mom made—it’s delicious!), spinach/kale mix, grilled chicken, and avocado. Simple, yet so satisfying.

That’s all for today, folks. I’ll try not to mope all day. “Always look on the briiiiight side of life!” 

So tell me:

Have you ever deleted something when you didn’t mean to?

Do blogs have unlimited space?

What did you have for dinner last night?


26 thoughts on “Patience is a Virtue

  1. WHAT WHAT WHAAAT!?! Say it isn’t so… that means I’m sitting in a huge mess with some of the posts on my blog. Cue minor majorly freak out!

  2. Dinner last night was a challenge. We have a weekly dinner with some close friends, and the chef likes to make what we call “Granny Food”-it’s all casseroles and stews and really hearty meals. Which are sometimes big old calorie bombs. My husband made a salad to take along so I gorged on that and split the smallest slice of his Mexican Lasagne with the other lady who comes to dinner who has the same kind of dietary outlook as I do. And then I caved and had a few bites of the delicious looking brownies floating around. I hate hurting someone’s feelings but I also have to take care of my diet first!

  3. The same thing actually happened to me several months ago–I tried deleting a few photos from my media gallery, and then realized it would also delete them from my posts. I was lucky enough to think of checking before I got rid of any more!! That being said, I am not sure if you have unlimited media space in a self-hosted blog…You might, though it will probably be an extra cost or something like that. I am looking forward to reading your deeper post next week!

  4. Yes! I went through and deleted all my emails in my inbox once. I thought I had saved the “important” ones in a separate folder, but some of them ended up being wiped out! So frustrating. I am not sure about .org sites, but hopefully someone else knows. I hope you are able to get your photos back!
    Last night for dinner I had brown rice and a roasted turkey salad with avocado, bell pepper, cilantro, rice vinegar, and sesame oil. Yum!

  5. Oh, I hated pacers in high school. I hated that the time would get shorter and shorter each time. One of my classmates made it to 100 while mine was a pathetic 33. lol. I was a freshman in high school at that time.
    By the way, yummy post workout snack!

  6. Hmmm that is what I was scared of happening so I haven’t touched that part of it yet…

    When it comes to self hosting, I went with bluehost- they have an online person you can chat to so maybe start there? I went on here – and clicked on live chat! Not sure if you were considering them but they could help with the questions anyway!

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