Weekend Confessions {MIMM #19}

I feel like I haven’t blogged in forever, but it’s only been 3 days! Maybe it’s because this weekend has been packed with activities, or maybe it’s because this is one of the most social things I’ve done this weekend. #loser.

I’m only [half] kidding. 😉

This weekend involved a lot of things that I think would be fun to include in a “Confessions” post. I absolutely love it when bloggers do these kinds of posts because it gets personal (but not too personal— this isn’t the Sacrament of Penance here), and they’re often pretty darn funny. I don’t know if my confessions will be funny, but you can humor me. ….Please?


I’m linking up with Katie‘s Marvelous in My Monday party!

Confession #1:

I procrastinated like a boss on Friday and Saturday. (How’s that for an ironic sentence?) I totally could have knocked out a lot of homework on Friday evening, but I decided to take my sweet time reading blogs and looking at prom dresses. All of a sudden it was 11:00 pm and I wanted to sleep. Then on Saturday night, I was glued to my bed with the biggest food baby I’ve had in a while (details below), so I just watched a bunch of Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen Degeneres on Youtube. At 10:30 pm, I finally got myself together and prepared my lesson for Sunday school.


The shame.


I ended up getting homework done on Saturday morning before dance and Sunday evening after dance.

Renewed policy: Do work first. THEN relax. (<— Easier said than done.)

Confession #2:

My abs were soreeee on Saturday! I did a longer-than-necessary tabata ab workout on Friday that consisted of 40 rounds. Why 40 rounds? That’s how my Gymboss App Timer was already set, so I just went with it. And the price was paid.

I went through these moves until the time was up: leg raises, reverse crunches, spiderman plank, side plank hip raises right and left, ankle touches, Russian twists, and ball roll-ins. I’ve actually been enjoying doing ab exercises in a tabata fashion because it keeps me from getting bored, and it keeps up the burn!

Confession #3: 

I finished a whole plate of pasta at a restaurant, and I flippin’ LOVED it. My mom had yet another Groupon (surprise, surprise 😉 ) for an Italian restaurant, so we put it to use for dinner after church on Saturday night.

We started with some delicious bread and salads:

photo 1 copy 2

photo 1 copy

Then came some appetizers dal mare (We thought the Groupon came with two appetizers, but in fact it only came with one…whoops):

photo 3 copy 2 photo 2 copy

Then came the entrees. My parents thoroughly enjoyed theirs, but I think I went to Heaven and back when eating my dish. I ordered the “Gnocchi Ala Sasa,” which was homemade gnocchi in a tomato and basil sauce, baked with mozzarella on top.

photo 2

Pillows of tomato-y, cheesy goodness.

I think this was the best gnocchi I’ve ever eaten. My mom and dad shared a few bites with me, but I still housed that baby. A year ago, I would never have even thought of ordering a pasta dish as an entree because it would be “way too many carbs.” Thank God things have changed significantly, because this gnocchi was on the verge of life-changing.

Dessert was also a huge hit:

photo 3 copy

Peach cobbler a la mode. More like yellow cake with a couple peaches in it, but I seemed to have enjoyed it, considering I ate most of by myself.

photo 4 copy

I also had a bite of the real winner— Nutella Banana Calzone. That crispy cinnamon crust with the warm, oozy Nutella and sweet bananas? All in one bite with some cool vanilla ice cream? I can’t. 

Cue the food baby!

Confession #4:

Even though I’ve been packing on the cocoa butter moisturizer, I still have those pesky hangnails. I wish I could wear spa gloves in public.



On a similar note, my feet, along with the feet of all my fellow company members, are burning. It has been a while since we’ve danced on our bare feet for four hours, so the calluses are nonexistent right now and we have to rebuild them. We’re all waddling and currently obsessed with socks.

Proof: I just laughed out loud at all the Snapchats I just received from some of my dance mates. I sent one out saying, “Waddling through the house. Feeeet,” and these were some of the responses:

  • “Same. I have four pairs of socks on right now.”
  • “Body. is. dead.”
  • “Everything hurts.”
  • “I’m so sore it’s embarrassing.”
  • “I feel so bad for my feet.”
  • “Can’t function.”

Sums it up pretty well.

Confession #5:

I’ve been drinking a ton of water recently, which I’m quite happy about since I’m usually terrible at getting enough H2O. But I’ve also been needing to go to the bathroom all. the. time.

Confession #6:

When I came home, I accidentally opened the other garage door instead of closing the one through which I entered…so both of them were open for a good 5 hours. Our neighborly neighbor called at 10 pm to let us know. Nice move, Alison.

Confession #7:

I still haven’t made a huge dent in reading Catching Fire. Why can’t I just read the darn book?! I’ll go do that now.

Confession #9:

I’m still probably not going to read it tonight.

Alrighty, I think that’s all the confessing I have for you today! Maybe you guys can relate to some of these and make me feel better. 🙂

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Happy Monday!

So tell me:

Do you have any confessions?

What is the best pasta dish you’ve ever had?

Any other chronic procrastinators out there? (How do you keep yourself in check?)


30 thoughts on “Weekend Confessions {MIMM #19}

  1. Can’t ever go wrong w/ Ellen Degeneres re-runs. She is one lady that has me rolling everytime I watch one of her episodes. I told Joshua my dream would be to see her live during the holidays. Hello, do you see those gifts she hands out? Ha Ha!

    p.s. your pasta dish sounds delicious!

  2. There you go with those fabulous desserts again 😉 ..even though I must say that pasta dish looks downright amazing. I love the pasta dish my Mum cooks up in coconut milk. Aah yes procrastination.. blog reading is just so tempting when I should be working! I try to only allow myself blog time when I’m done with my work..but yeah, doesn’t always happen :p

  3. I don’t have any big confessions, but I have been putting off cleaning the house and I need to get to that first thing today! Procrastination is an evil thing. You’re right – it always feels so good to JUST DO IT and get things done on time. Hmm, my favorite pasta dish is shrimp fra diavolo, but I’m not really a pasta person most of the time.

  4. Confession: I cared WAY to much about what a guy was doing this weekend and let it ruin mine! I really have not done this in a long time and am pretty much a professional at “doing me” but this weekend I got in a weird funk. It ended up being a blessing in disguise, although I was in this funk all weekend I learned something about myself and what NOT to do, and what I deserve (: What other girls are with me on this one?!

  5. I remind all the time myself that it is necessary to work at first, and then to have a rest… Because when I have a lot of time, I simply postpone all for later. Again and again. So, I should prepare for examinations right now, and instead I read blogs… And any regret 😀

  6. Lol this was funny and I keep saying “me too!” while reading this. Thank god I’m not alone in the procrastinating department. What’s even better is that I usually start to panic and have massive anxiety bc I haven’t gotten what I needed to done. Fun times! Lol you would think I would learn for next time but nope!🙈

    That pasta looks amazing!! I think the best pasta dish I’ve ever had was this spaghetti with garlic, olive oil,grated cheese, cauliflower, and toasted bread crumbs!! Yum
    And I confess to leaving a stick of gum in my jeans pocket and putting them in the dryer after washing them😳 I’m still cleaning gum out of the dryer!ahh

  7. I’ve been drinking a lot more hot/warm water due to the cold winter. lol. It keeps me warm. And, I notice that I’m going to the bathroom more often too.
    By the way, the food from the restaurant looks delicious.

  8. Ok…fellow procrastinator right here. What I worked out was in the evening- my brain is DEAD. Thus, I’d set my alarm for early in the morning and study for a couple of hours, eat breakfast and continue…then procrastinate the rest of the day!

    Not the biggest pasta fan but anything seafood and I’m there! Those mussels…

  9. Haha, I can’t deny it.. I was a big procrastinator this weekend as well, until Sunday at least. I don’t know what it is, but I always get motivated to do work on Sunday while everyone lazies around.
    Props to you on the tabata. I could never last that long doing abs. >.<
    Ahh.. the food pictures.. they may or may not of made me drool. 😉

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