Behind the Scenes #5: Weird Winter Happenings

Top o’ the morning to ya!

I’ll get right into the meat of this post, which is my collection of random thoughts and musings. Because…



…with the lovely Amanda!

1. None of you need to hear another word about how flippin’ cold it is in North America, but can we just look at how dangerous this is?? I’m telling you— we should have had an ice day off of school.

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 9.06.52 PM

My friend tweeted this on Monday because we didn’t know our school installed a new ice rink.

2. In biology class, we’re studying ecology, so we took a quiz to take a look at how we’re really making a footprint. Apparently, if everyone in the world lived like me, we would need 5.5 Earths. Whaaaat?

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 1.06.25 PM

Services (electricity, water, etc.) are not surprisingly the biggest part of my footprint, and of course food takes second place. My family and I really do our best to be green, but we’re also not super strict about anything. My class also figured out that just living in the United States rather than other countries increases energy use. America goes big or goes….nowhere. If you want to take the quiz, click to this link! It’s quite interesting and eye-opening to see how much energy we humans actually use (sometimes unnecessarily).

3. I was jumping up and down and smiling ear to ear when Ben FaceTimed us!

photo 2

He might argue, but I think he misses us. 🙂

4. I’ve basically been bathing in cocoa butter for the past three or four mornings and nights to treat my unsightly dry hands and feet. I’m definitely noticing a bit of a difference, but my naturally dry skin and the mercilessly cold air is making baby soft hands quite difficult to achieve.

photo 1

5. I have a question about cars and cold weather. Last thing relating to the weather, I promise. Are you supposed to let the car wait for a few minutes after starting up the car so the engine can warm up? Some people say that the engine should have time to warm up, but others start driving right away. I’ve only recently tried waiting for 2-3 minutes when it has been really cold out, but if I don’t have to, I won’t. What do you do? I guess I could Google this, but I trust you guys more. Especially my Canadians out there! 😉

6. A couple nights ago, I had another one of those frozen yogurt cups, and I thought the little message on top went perfectly with my post about current simple joys that day.

photo 1

7. I really want to have some grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner sometime soon.


Source: Grilled cheese croutons? Even better.

8. We’re doing some weird stuff in physical education nowadays. Like, actually sweating in class. I actually love it (although a bunch of my friends would attack me for saying that) because we’re doing circuits with lots of plyometric movements, which are my favorite! Jumping jacks, lunges, burpees(!), pushups, sit-ups, etc. It’s really not that intense since we take longer breaks and laugh at each other half the time, but for phys. ed., it’s a lot.

Also, we have this random homework assignment to make a travel brochure. Don’t ask me why. The project has nothing to do with physical education and I think they just need some grades to put in the books. Guatever.

9. I’m gonna end here on awkward #9 and try to hit the sack (typing this Wednesday night)! I hope you all have a great Thursday!

So tell me:

How many Earths do you think you would use up?

How do you keep your skin soft in the winter?

Do you warm up the engine or no?

What foods are you craving right now? 


18 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes #5: Weird Winter Happenings

  1. My family isn’t super strict about being green either..we actually discussed it at some point and then let it slide :(. I love Johnsons Tissue Oil to keep my skin hydrated all year long but for the feet I like Freemans foot lotion in Plum&Peppermint. For my hands I use Woolies Shea&Vanilla hand cream. Ok so I could talk all day about body care it seems :p ..right now I’m about to get stuck into a bowl of watermelon so I’d say I’m craving something cool and sweet!

    • I think a lot of families tend to have phases of “going green.” but then it just dips down on the priority list. I don’t think that’s the worst thing, but it’s nice to have a reminder every now and then!
      Those sound like some great skincare products! And I can’t wait until it’s warm enough to start craving watermelon again. 🙂

  2. Have you ever tried the Aveeno daily moisturizer with colloidal oatmeal? I’ve been using it for a couple of years now, and I -swear- by the stuff — it’s the only thing that’ll keep my hands soft in this ridiculously cold, dry weather. Oh! And speaking of the cold weather, yup — you’re supposed to let your engine warm up before you start driving. If the fluids aren’t warmed up, they aren’t moving as well, and if they aren’t moving as well, they aren’t protecting your engine like they should. It won’t do anything in the short run, but it slowly wears away at things in the long one.

    Happy Thursday, girl! ❤

  3. I warm up my engine if my car isn’t in the garage – but I’ve always done it because I don’t want to sit in a cold car while it warms up 🙂 It would take 4.1 earths to support me. That’s kind of scary!

  4. Currently craving that grilled cheese and tomato soup!!!😳😉
    And I always warm up the engine too but I don’t have a good reason for it! Lol just feels like the right thing to do!
    That is extremely random but funny that you have to make a travel brochure for gym class! Guatever is right!😉😘

  5. I’m all about the body butters and Eucerin! Both are non-oily but thick enough to do the job. I use Bath and Body Works Twilight Woods and love it. It smells so good and makes my clothing smell good too!
    I’ve always been curious on the final word about whether or not cars need to be warmed up, too. I went to college in a pretty cold place so I decided to compromise and wait for it to warm up for about 3 mins just in case, but not too long. I think it may also depend on the year of the car.
    That tomato soup looks soooo good. I love tomato soup but don’t like that it’s often made much less healthy by all the cream. I make my own variation with cannellini beans and diced tomatoes, various veggies and lots of spices to keep it interesting!

  6. ….Why are you putting that cocoa butter on your skin and not on toast? I am so confused lol!

    We should send Michelle Kwan a memo- that, or make ice skates and figure skating part of your school’s curriculum! Right now I am craving salted peanuts. I wonder why….

    • Well there is a warning on the back that says for external use only. Although that stuff smells good enough to eat for sure! Haha, it’s just a body butter, but I think there should be an edible version…..
      Michelle Kwan used to be my idol! Fun fact: I used to be a competitive figure skater. All skills are lost now though, so ice=major risk of falling.

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