Friday Should Be Added to the Weekend {MIMM #18}

Good morning!

I think it’s safe to say that we are actually back into routine mode now. With only one day of school last Thursday and then a snow day on Friday, it basically feels like we haven’t gone back to school yet, which is a-okay with me. Long live Christmas break!

A lot of marvelous things went on this weekend, so the extra day off was definitely welcomed. Can Friday just be added to the weekend?


Linking up with the fabulous Katie for Marvelous in My Monday!

Here’s how my weekend looked:

Snuggling up by the space heater.


These things are called space heaters because they look like UFOs, right? I love it because it warms me up (if I hog it and sit right in front of it), but it also creeps me out. Whenever it heats up, it makes a weird metallic noise that is like a sound effect from a horror movie….Which means it has to be from outer space.

Sledding with Ben!

IMG_3216 (1)

I cried on Friday night because Ben left for college on Saturday morning after staying with us for a whole semester while he was doing his work-study program here. Our last bro-sis quality time before he left was sledding, something we’ve done since we were nuggets. It was not the most successful round of sledding (we think we’re getting too heavy), but I just loved spending time with him. *tear*

De-grossifying our floors.


I try to help clean the floors in our highest traffic areas regularly, because they can get nasty really quickly. I just wish I had some birds to come sing on my shoulders and other creatures of the forest as cleaning buddies.



Discovering the InstaFood app.


My mom heard of this app from a friend, and she wanted me to buy it to try it out (ya know, since we’re basically food photographers now). It’s a pretty fun app if you love taking pictures of your food (especially at restaurants, since it shows the location and time of where you took your food picture). It does cost $1.99, which is $1.99 more than we usually spend on apps, so this is for strict food enthusiasts only. 😉

Epiphany (Three Kings Day)!

IMG_3212This is the cover of my prayer book for this month (we subscribe to Magnificat if any Catholics were wondering), and the king with the green sleeves made me laugh. It totally looks like he’s saying, “Imma hook Baby Jesus up with some frankincense.”

Sunday was also the first day back at religious education after the break. I did a mini lesson on Epiphany with my third graders, and we did a game where one student hides a small paper clip (representing Baby Jesus) somewhere in the room while another student stands outside so he/she doesn’t see where it is hidden. Then the student outside comes back into the room and the other students give hints to help him/her find the paper clip by saying “The star is dim….getting brighter…VERY bright!” I got the game idea from online somewhere, and they enjoyed it! That’s a big win in my book, because I feel like I can easily start lecturing to those poor third graders.

Surprise birthday dinner for one of my best friends, Daliza.

I didn’t actually get any pictures, except for my food. Whoops.


We went to The Cheesecake Factory, and I ordered the chicken, pear, blue cheese, and endive salad. It was delicious!

Afterwards, we tried finding a frozen yogurt place, but all of them were closed. So instead, we went to ShopRite and bought a carton of Yoplait peach froyo to share. Straight from the carton, baby.


First company rehearsal of 2014.

I have no pictures of this, but yesterday, it was back to Sunday brunch and a four hour rehearsal with our new choreographer. I missed dancing with my girls!

Seeing this:

Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 6.58.23 PM

A lovely lady pinned the Daily Moves and Grooves banner onto her “Favorite Blogs” board. Sometimes, I still can’t believe people actually read my blog. Thanks so much, Ms. Unruh! This put a huge smile on my face. And thank you, everyone who reads this little blog of mine 🙂

Those are the highlights! Of course, I loved the less exciting, but equally marvelous things that went on: avocado toast (twice!), watching Youtube videos, reading blogs, working out, and spending time with my family.

Hope you all have a great week!

So tell me:

Do you use space heaters?

Do/Did you like sledding?

Tell me three things you loved about this weekend!


27 thoughts on “Friday Should Be Added to the Weekend {MIMM #18}

  1. Three great things about my weekend: brushing the extra dog off my dog (he’s so fluffy now!) brunch with friends, and working towards putting a solid butt dent on our couch with my husband. You know, because we spent so much time there. 😉

  2. Fun weekend! Sorry your brother had to return to college, but I’m so happy you two were able to get a months worth of memories together!

    I’ve never heard of the instafood app, but it sounds awesome.. and cheap!

    If I pinned blogs, you’d definitely be on my board too 🙂

  3. That’s nice you got to spend tie with your brother before he went back to college. Sibling time is important! Sledding looks so much fun. It’s been a while since I last did that (I live in Cali).
    As for my weekend, it was nice and relaxing. My school doesn’t start back up until the 27th.

  4. I LOVE space heaters! Don’t worry, mine makes creepy noises too 😉 I have one in my room AND a heating pad in my bed. My body temps drop low in the winter, it’s so odd!! Also, I’ve never been sledding 😦 But I loved running, cooking new recipes, and spending time with my big brother this weekend too 🙂


  5. ahaha, I like to ride sledge! When I was less, driving from the big mountain was favourite entertainment in the winter 😉 Now I moved, and here we yet had no snow – except couple of days in November… And now quite warmly, though usually in the winter I couldn’t leave from a heater and for few minutes 🙂

  6. I am in shock that Ben was wearing ski pants nd a jacket…what happened to shorts like before haha!

    I’ve never heard of a space heater but that looks like the fan I use now….In Summer lol! Hope your staying warm and like..guatever. 😉

  7. Space heaters are a must! I use one especially in the bathroom when I’m getting ready in the morning. Getting out of the shower and changing make for a cold lady otherwise. It gives me some extra warmth before I need to head out the door into the cold!

  8. Ok so I kind of can’t imagine using any heater in our beautiful heat hahaa. Like right now it’s raining yet still so hot! I have only ever seen snow in pictures and it looks like so much I have never got to sled. Aaaah what a bummer that your brother had to leave 😦 . You two remind me of the relationship me and my brother whose 2 years older share..only we have a lot more squibbling going with it ;p

  9. Look at that snow!! I love snuggling up in front of my space heater to warm up – our house is always FREEZING no matter what (it’s old and the wind/cold seeps through all of the cracks). It’s so sweet how close you and your brother are, I think that’s an awesome relationship to have. He’ll be back home before you know it!
    Okay this is completely off-topic question, but what is your favorite Naturally Nutty flavor?! I’m ordering some and cannot decide!
    Have an awesome day!! 🙂

  10. Of course people love your blog — you’re fabulous, girl! ❤ And it's great to see that you had such an awesome weekend, even if you did have to say bye to your bro 😦 I'm an only child so I don't fully get the whole sibling love thing, but I -have- always wanted a brother… so you're lucky to have one 🙂

    PS — Space heaters… I'm Canadian… 'nuff said 😉

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