Quads on Fire Home Workout {VIDEO!}

I am both super excited and super embarrassed about this post.

I finally decided to film a video for you all! It’s just me and my less-than-stellar videography skills showing you the exercises for a workout, but it was made with love. And three takes.

Before I get to that, let’s take a look at some Great Leapin’ Lentils!


In honor of the New Year, I prepared a big pot of lentil soup last night. A quick check on the ever-wise Wikipedia told me  that lentils represent prosperity for the coming year because of their coin-like shape. Making the soup was a breeze thanks to the handy dandy instructions from this box. I just used some leftover grilled chicken in place of the Kielbasa.


I enjoyed my bowl of lentils with some crumbled tortilla chips on top for added crunch. I ♥ crunchiness.


Yesterday afternoon, my dad and I decided to go on a super short walk to get some fresh (FREEZING) air.

I couldn’t even chat with him because I didn’t want to take the scarf away from my mouth. It’s okay— we felt each other’s presence. Or something cheesy like that.

After arriving home and cooking up the lentil soup, I was in the mood to get in a leg workout. I didn’t want to venture out to the gym, so I did a little home workout instead. This one was a quad killer! Hence the name:

quads on fire home workout

This workout requires minimal equipment (just a chair/bench, weights, and a timer) and minimal space. But you can still do this in the gym of course! It’s also all low impact since that’s what I’m jammin’ with right now.

Then I came up with the crazy idea to film the exercises for the world to see. Even though it is very, very far from perfect (I filmed it in one fell swoop because I’m too lazy to edit), I hope the video gives you an idea of some of the movements. I also love it when I get to see bloggers in action because I get to hear their voices and get a greater sense of their personalities.

So here it is in all it’s humble glory:

I know you love that cat picture in our guest room.

My brother helped me film this the first time, but after seeing that I looked like an awkward chicken, I decided to film it again myself using Mr. Tripod so that I wouldn’t bother him. Thanks though, bro!

It’s back to school for me today. At least it’s only a two-day week, right? We might luck out with a snow day tomorrow as well, so we’ll see!

So tell me:

Did you eat any special New Year food?

Do you do home workouts often?

More videos— yay or nay? (I’ll try to make them better next time.)


18 thoughts on “Quads on Fire Home Workout {VIDEO!}

  1. Awesome job on the video!! Your voice seemed very confident and engaging, and you didn’t look or sound awkward at all! The only thing I might recommend is zooming out a bit so that we can see your whole body during the exercises, but I know you didn’t have a ton of space, so I understand! It just might help viewers see things such as the whole “knees over your toes” alignment. I enjoyed hearing your reference to second position plie–I can definitely relate to that;) I would certainly love to see more videos on your blog; I will probably be trying to post more of me doing some improv dancing as well, since I know readers like to see a blogger in person sometimes. I hope you have a great day, and great job again with your first video!

    • Thank you so much for the feedback! I did realize that I cut off my legs from the frame a bunch of times (which wasn’t ideal considering it’s a lower body workout!). Hopefully next time I’ll have more time to actually edit the video so that I can transition more smoothly and have more takes! Thanks again for watching!

  2. I love the video!!!!!!!!👏👏👏👏👏 you’re so pretty by the way! So yay for more workout videos …or videos in general!
    We usually have some kind of roast for New Year’s Day! But now that I know lentils are good luck I’m going to be starting a new lentil soup New Year’s Day tradition!:) Yumm!!
    Have a great day! Stay warm and safe! We are getting a lot of snow here on Long Island today!

  3. We had a big ol’ family dinner last night to celebrate the new year. Majority of my workouts are at home so I loved the video! I may even try it out today!

  4. I want my quads to be on fire!! Ha Ha! In all seriousness, you’re gorgeous & adorable so don’t ever be afraid to post videos =)

    To answer your questions: I don’t eat much different on NY & yes to more videos.

    Have a fabulous day!

  5. Hey girl. I just wanted to say that there is not a single thing embarrassing about this post, at all. You did an awesome job. I think one of the biggest struggles with fitness is the issue of space. I love workouts that take the smallest room so I know I can do them anywhere.

    Good job girlie!!

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