Fascinating Friday Links #22

Happy Friday!

Now that it’s Friday, it seems like the week by quickly, but I definitely did not feel that way during the week. It was pretty hectic, and I didn’t even get to post on Tuesday or Thursday 😦 Ah well. All that matters is that it’s Friday now, so let’s get groovy.



I want to thank you all for the congratulations on my acceptance to U of Maryland! For those who were wondering, it is in my top two right now (along with University of Virginia), so I’m pretty excited! I still have to hear back from Boston University, but that won’t be until March-April. I’m praying that God will help me make the right decision in the end!

Anyway, I’ll stop talking now and let you all get to reading some of this week’s Fascinating Friday Links!

fascinating friday links

Health and Fitness

[Don’t just cut calories and over-exercise] How Eating More and Moving Less Helped Me Lose Weight and Transform My Life via Greatist

[Burpees are my favorite!] Crazy 3 Part Burpee Leg Interval Workout via Purely Twins + Burpee or Bust Challenge via Cotter Crunch

[Never hibernate] Winter Shape Up 2014 via The Fitnessista

[Proteins, carbs, and fats are ALL vital!] Why We Need All the Macronutrients via The Real Life RD

[Keep hydrated] H2Know: What’s Really Happening When Your Body is Dehydrated? via Greatist

[Keep your fire burning] How I Changed My Metabolism via Nutrition Nut on the Run

[Find a quality trainer] 7 Qualities to Look for in a Qualified Personal Trainer via Your Trainer Paige

[Yay for oatmeal extras!] 5 Ways to Add Protein to Your Oatmeal via Chelsea’s Healthy Kitchen

Food for Thought

[Find people that make you happy] 7 Signs You’re Hanging With the Wrong Crowd via Marc and Angel

[Yes. Yes. YES.] 50 Things to Let Go Before Your Next Birthday via Marc and Angel

[Happens all the time] When Instagram Photos Deceive— Body Shots via The Big Man’s World

Food for Belly

[Perfect] Coconut Banana Bread via Edible Perspective

[PB&J goodness] Peanut Butter and Jelly French Toast Sandwich via Undressed Skeleton + PB&J Healthy Oatmeal Cookies via Skinnytaste

[I want this so badly] Pesto Egg Salad via The Healthy Maven

[I dig it] How To Eat Chili for Breakfast via Fit Foodie Finds

Super Bowl Specials

41 Guilt-Free Super Bowl Snacks via Greatist

Goat Cheese Poppers with Honey via MyRecipes

Garlicky pull apart bread with cheese and herbs via Smitten Kitchen

Miscellaneous Fun

[U Maryland is #18!] The 50 Fittest Colleges of 2013 via The Active Times

[Dang.] How Far Could You Run in 12 Hours? This Guy Ran 77 Miles! via Greatist

[Neat trick for zits] The dot seen round the world. via Maskcara

[Hilarious] Help, I’m Married to a Blogger! via The Lean Green Bean

[Such fun ideas!] Valentine’s Day Treats & DIY Gift Ideas via Bethany Mota Youtube

[Great tips] Writing Success: How to Find It, Keep It, and Go Farther Online via The SITS Girls

[Just watch this if you want to laugh. Hard. Unless you love T-Swift. But if you do, you’ll still laugh.] Taylor Swift Attacked at Grammy’s via Youtube

Oh man, I didn’t realize I bookmarked so many links this week! I obviously had some great reads 🙂 I hope you all enjoy them too. Have a wonderful weekend!

So tell me:

Which links did you enjoy?

What are you doing this weekend? Tonight I’m going out to dinner with my best friends at a cute French café! Dance, teaching Sunday school, and homework are also on the agenda per usual.

Plans for the Super Bowl? I’m still not sure about my plans, but I know I’ll be having chili and cornbread (mostly cornbread).




WIAW: Day In the Life of a High School Student


I hope your week has been going well so far. The busyness of the weekend has definitely spilled into this week, but it’s all good!

I’ve been seeing a few bloggers do a day in the life post (which is actually one of my favorite posts to read), so I felt like posting one this week as well. Maybe I’m just super nosy, but there’s something fun about knowing what others do on a regular day. Daily life happens, so why not talk about it and share the similarities and differences with one another? I feel like a day in the life post is also a way to reflect on all the little things that brightened our day 🙂

Some of you adults may not want to re-live the high school days, but that’s what I’m bringin’ for ya on this WIAW. Here is a typical day of eats and activities for this high school senior!


Hooray for Jenn, the host of the wonderful WIAW party!

6:34 AM — Internal alarm wakes me up one minute before the phone alarm rings. Turn off alarms and decide that I can actually roll out of bed right away. Freshen up in the bathroom.

6:45 AM — Morning prayer + change + makeup.

7:00 AM — Open the fridge excitedly to get my favorite breakfast waiting for me!


Overnight oats!

Enjoyed while reading and commenting on blogs per usual.

7:35 AM — Kiss mom goodbye and drive off to school.

7:40 AM — Traffic on one of the busier roads + stuck behind a truck stopped in the middle of the road and taking up a whole lane.

7:45 AM — Realize the senior parking lot is full. Go to park at the other lot that’s a little farther away. A little morning walk in the frigid air never hurt anyone…just keep your face down from the burning cold wind.

8:00 AM — School starts.

9:30 AM — Snack in Italian class. Discreetly open the wrapper…


{Photo taken at home before school} Taste of Nature Polynesian Coconut Breeze bar that my parents brought from Canada. This tasted like a lemony coconut macaroon! So delicious.

10:30 AM — Snag some Cheerios from Kristi in Business Calculus (see my Cheerio algebra here). 😉

photo 2 copy 2

We obviously had an extremely productive class taking statistics of what each student preferred at Chipotle.

photo 3 copy 3

I also learned that I would be in deep trouble if I actually bought stocks in the real world. I’m losing over $3,000 right now. WHOLE FOODS IS LETTING ME DOWN.

photo 1 copy 3

11:50 AM — Lunch tiiiiime!

photo 4

Turkey, cheese, spinach, mustard sandwich {recycled photo}


Clementine {photo taken at home because I forgot to take one at school}

2:45 PM — Drive my friend home because it’s too flippin’ freezing outside for her to walk home.

3:00 PM — Afternoon snack while reading some blogs and catching up on emails.


Fage strawberry yogurt


Popcorn (this handful times, like, 7)

3:30 PM — Conjure up the courage to be somewhat political. I call NY Representative Nita Lowey’s office in DC to tell her that I want her to vote for a certain bill. A young guy at her office answered, jotted down the request, and it was over. I feel like such a citizen! 😉

3:35 PM —  Do homework and study for Italian midterms. I never leave the space heater during this time. I pace back and forth and even do squats in front of it to evenly heat my body, all while trying to memorize Italian phrases.

5:00 PM — Discreetly smile and jump up and down when I find out I got into the University of Maryland and their Honors College! My mom is in the kitchen with me, but I don’t want to tell her about it quite yet. She’s cooking and I’m finishing studying.

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 5.12.07 PM

5:10 PM — Give mom a big hug and quickly say, “I got into the Honors College at Maryland.” Her immediate response is to take a picture of the letter on her iPhone and text it to Dad and Ben (she’s obsessed with technological communication, I swear).

A celebratory/pre-ballet snack:


Homemade granola bar

6:00 PM — Ballet and pointe!

7:30 PM — Eat a few pita chips on the little break transitioning from ballet to pointe.

8:15 PM — I am hungry for dinner! Ballet is the dance class that always leaves me super hungry.


Farro, leftover Chinese food (fish/tofu), blanched Chinese greens.

Write up this blog post while eating.

9:40 PM — “Dessert” and some more college discerning.


Dried figs and Greek yogurt

10:15 PM — Shower and get ready to hit the sack. But I actually go to bed within an hour or so.

That’s a wrap! I hope my day was at least a little bit interesting or relatable to you. 🙂 Have a lovely Wednesday!

So tell me:

Do you enjoy day in the life posts? 

What have you been eating recently?

What is your favorite snack/granola bar?

Tell me something that you did yesterday!

Jam-Packed Weekend {MIMM #21}

Good morning!

Man, did I have a whirlwind of a weekend! It was jam-packed with long dance rehearsals and a performance, and it felt like we were going non-stop. I would say that it definitely made up for the wonky, half-ish week brought on by a couple snow delays/early dismissals. Nevertheless, I found a lot of marvelous moments to be grateful for 🙂


Thanks, Katie, for hosting this Marvelous link up!


I was feeling incredibly antsy at school because we watched a bunch of different films/documentaries in different classes, so there was a whole of sitting. So much so that my hip flexors started hurting?! I sit straight up by habit, so maybe that engages my hip flexors? Either way, I needed to WALK, so that’s just what I did— a 45 minute treadmill incline walk.

Studying for midterms followed.

In the evening, I went to dinner with some of my best friends for Je’lyn’s birthday celebration! I love intimate little celebrations like these, where everyone can be included in the conversation at all times. And in true Alison fashion, I got a picture of my food, but I didn’t get a picture with the birthday girl…#foodoverfriends

I kid. 😉


Golden beet salad with pistachios, gorgonzola, and dried cranberries— so good!

I also had Lentil Spinach soup, but the picture makes it look like a black abyss.


Hazelnut gelato!


I slept in, had a nice breakfast, and then headed off to a full day of dance: assisting junior master class, master class rehearsal, and then a local performance with company. At least I get to spend the day with these beauties:

IMG_3302 IMG_3303 IMG_3304

Also, my friend let me have some of this:


Pesto. Gouda. CHEESE.

She called her mom to ask her where it was from, and it’s from TRADER JOE’S! Man, I love that Joe. I will be picking up some of that cheese soon.

When I came home at around 8:30, I ate dinner and did some homework and prepared my lesson for Sunday school.


It was a struggle to get up. First up was teaching Sunday school. Then ’twas four hours in the dance studio for company rehearsal. We got a lot done, so that’s a good thing!

Afterwards, I came home, ate a snack, showered, and then went to the last English Mass of the weekend. I also swung by Stop and Shop to pick up some headbands and garlic for my mom. I came back with ten extra Fage yogurt cups though— they were $10 for 10!

DSC_7504 DSC_7502

Studying for midterms.



Wooooosh. I must admit that I had a minor crying session before going to Mass, but it was more of an emotional release than a breakdown or anything like that. I had been trying to keep a positive attitude all weekend despite the busyness and I wasn’t feeling very stressed, but all of a sudden, I let my typical emotional self take over for about five minutes. I felt much better after I let the tears out. Special shootout to the ‘rents who are always equipped with big hugs!

That may not make any sense to you, but let’s just say: It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to. 😉

Have a marvelous Monday!

So tell me:

How was your weekend?

What’s one awesome thing you ate this weekend?

Are you a crier like me?







Fascinating Friday Links #21

Hmm…Friday this week doesn’t quite feel like Friday.

MLK day + a half day on Tuesday + 3-hour delay on Wednesday = wonky week.

I’m not complaining at all though! I hope you all had a wonderful week, whatever the weather. If you’re in the midst of some super chilly temperatures, stay warm! Maybe you can find some time today or this weekend to cuddle up and check out some of these Fascinating Friday Links I’ve rounded up for ya. 🙂

fascinating friday links

Health and Fitness

[Great vlog] Video Blog: Managing Stress, Workout Shoes, Bodywork, and Finding Your Ideal Weight via Peanut Butter Runner

[Seriously love this] Letting Go and Finding Food Freedom via The Real Life RD

[What does it mean to you?] What Does “Fit” Mean to You? via The Healthy Maven

[Eat the rainbow!] A Colorful, Nourishing Diet via Kath Eats Real Food

[Fun workouts] Out and Back Circuit via Olive to Run + Triple 8 Workout via Purely Twins + 50 Rep Workout Part Two via Peanut Butter Fingers + 400 Rep Workout via Nutrition Nut on the Run + Glute and Thigh Trimmer Workout via The Brooklyn Fig

Food for Thought

[End it] Enough of The “Fat Talk” via My Food n Fitness Diaries

[Each day is an opportunity to learn] 9 Ways to Never Regret Another Day of Your Life via Marc and Angel Hack Life

[“You do you”] Work-Life Balance is a Lie, So Here’s a Better Way to Think About It via Greatist

[Be not afraid] Stop Being Afraid via Goins Writer

[How do you feel about this?] Why Dove’s Latest “Real Beauty” Ad Doesn’t Actually Empower Women via Greatist

[Be considerate when asking about pregnancy] It’s Not Easy for Everyone via The Lean Green Bean

Food for Belly

[I ♥ French Toast] Whole Wheat Cinnamon Raisin Bread French Toast via Yeah…Imma Eat That + Coconut Cinnamon Raisin French Toast with Blackberry Yogurt Sauce via Fit Foodie Finds

[Vegan muffin tops!] Banana Bread Muffin Tops via Oh She Glows

[Wowza] Healthy Sticky Chocolate Fudge Cake via Top with Cinnamon

[So much flavor!] Honey-Balsamic BBQ Meatballs via Iowa Girl Eats

[Pizza pizza] Sweet Potato Crust Hawaiian Pizza via Taste and Tell + Smoked Salmon Pizza via Spoon Fork Bacon

[Super bowl? Yes.] Loaded Sweet Potato Nachos via Two Peas and Their Pod

[Easy and delicious] Flourless Chocolate Chip Almond Butter Muffins via Running with Spoons

Miscellaneous Fun

[Apparently I live in Portland? Fun survey!] What City Should You Actually Live In? via BuzzFeed

[He said he’ll be back] Arnold Schwarzenegger Pranks Gymgoers in a Wig and Mustache via Greatist

[Amazing decorating ideas and tips] Things I’ve Learned About Decorating via Kath Eats Real Food

Blogging Tips

[Lighting is key] Artificial Lighting Tips for Food Photography via Pinch of Yum

[Don’t let the visitors leave so soon!] How to Reduce Your Bounce Rate via Amuse Your Bouche

[Awesome general blogging tips] Blogging and the Biz via Fit Foodie Finds

Happy Friday!

So tell me:

Which links did you find fascinating?

What are you doing this weekend?

I’ll be dancing practically all weekend. Tomorrow we have regular class and rehearsal in the morning and afternoon, and then a community performance in the evening. Sunday is the usual 4-hour rehearsal! So studying for midterms should be done tonight…. *sigh* It’s alright, maybe I can mix math with food again.

Behind the Scenes #7: Cheerio Algebra

1. I had a huge brain fart last night. Dance company had a scheduled rehearsal from 8-8:30 last night of which we were notified at the beginning of the week. But here I am last night, going about my business at 8:00 PM, and then I get a call from the director of company:

Me: Hello?

Director: Hey Alison, I just wanted to call you because we have rehearsal right now and I was checking to make sure you were okay.

Me: (thinking for 2 seconds…@!#%@$#!!) *Gasp* Oh. my. gosh. I am so sorry. I completely forgot. 

How’s that for the world’s crappiest excuse? But honesty is my best policy, as I’ve said before. The problem was that I didn’t right down the rehearsal time anywhere, so despite saying I could go, it just slipped my mind. Thankfully, the director was very cool and understanding about my foolishness, and she said I can catch up on the little tweaks made to our dance during rehearsal. Lesson: write appointments down ASAP.

2. Midterms start today, and apparently I need the whole kitchen table to study for AP Calculus. (Note: We always keep our most frequently-eaten snacks on the table. Those aren’t ALL my study snacks 😉 )


3. I’m also the biggest nerd/breakfast enthusiast. Look at what I found in my notes:


honey nut + banana nut = yum

nut (honey + banana) = yum

honey + banana = yum/nut or nut = yum/(honey+banana)

My friend, Kristi, who sits next to me in business calculus used to always bring Cheerios as a snack, so I guess I decided to make math out of food. I don’t even know what else to say.

4. I cleaned my laptop the other day, wiping is nicely with a wet wipe and then a dry paper towel. But that has rendered absolutely pointless since I’m always eating around my computer and thus always getting crumblies and dirty fingerprints all over it.

DSC_7480 DSC_7486

I should probably at least get one of those silicon keyboard covers, because when I took my laptop to school, I saw allllll the stuff on my keyboard under those fluorescent lights. Or I can just be less clumsy when I eat, but that’s not gonna happen.

5. There are 3 reasons I would like to go to Florida right now: a) It’s warmer. b) Hello, it’s Florida. c) GRILLED CHEESE at this place. It’s called Toasted and they have craft grilled cheeses and burgers, and I’ve actually never been there before. For some reason, my Yelp account is set to Orlando, FL (I guess since I set it up when we went down there last summer), so I always get emails about popular restaurants down there.

The grilled cheese I want right now: fig & goat cheese with Havarti, basil and honey. That’s right.

6. My parents went to visit my relatives in Canada this weekend to make up for our absence during Christmastime, and they came back with some fun Canadian loot!


Coconut sugar


Dehydrated pineapple rings— so good!!!


DSC_7460 DSC_7463

Canada mitts, homemade shortbread and maple sugar dark chocolate from my Aunt Sharon (Thank you!)


These tasty-lookin’ bars from my grandparents (thank you!). Are these like Canadian-brand KIND bars? 😉

photo_3 photo_4

A scarf and earrings from my other aunt and a homemade rubber band bracelet from my cousin, Kate 🙂

7. I keep forgetting that the Olympics are coming up so soon! I’m so out of the loop, so I need to brush up on my winter athlete knowledge.

Sochi 2014 Company Olympics


8. Currently obsessed with this song my Young the Giant’s alter ego (their former name), The Jakes.

9. I’m finishing typing this in school, and I just took the first part of my AP Calculus midterm….You know that grrrreat feeling when you find out you got a question (or two) wrong? That’s me right now.

10. I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday! Thank you to Amanda for hosting this awesome Thinking Out Loud linkup!


So tell me:

Have you forgotten something important recently?

Do you eat by your computer often?

Are you in the mood for grilled cheese?

Are you looking forward to the Olympics?

What is your favorite song right now?