Spill It Sundays #4: Holiday Traditions

Phew! Despite a frightening start to our Christmas break, we are so thankful to be safe and together back in New York right now. We’re definitely bummed that we won’t be seeing all our relatives and friends in Canada, but it’ll be good to just chill out at home. Except for the fact that it’s not chilly at all right now. It’s balmy in the 50s and 60s— I was walking outside tonight in a skirt and short sleeves!

Other pluses about being home?

  • I got to attend my dance school’s holiday party this morning, which I was planning on missing.
  • My dad and I will be able to go to the Christmas pageant at our church. Some of my religious education students will be participating!
  • I get to bake and cook!

And the plus of it being Sunday? Spill It Sundays! This week, Arman asked us to spill about our holiday traditions and celebrations. Very appropriate for the Christmas season I’d say.

The Big Man's World
What is a traditional/cultural event you and your family/friends celebrate?
One thing that we like to do throughout the year is celebrate saints’ days whenever the saint has a name that is the same as that of one of our family members (ex: Patrick, Thomas, Mary, etc.). I’m sure you’ve noticed that I come from a very Catholic family 😉 We like to send a short and sweet email wishing the person a “Happy Feast Day!”
Another tradition is watching the NYC New Year countdown on TV and clinking glasses of apple bubbly at midnight!
“Tipsy ‘Chus” (<— just made that up…the stuff isn’t even alcoholic). Taken in the 2012 New Year by my talented friend and fellow Pikachu lover, Christie
Do you have any traditions in which you partake on a consistent basis?
Whenever we go up to Toronto, we always have dim sum at least once. Naturally— we’re Chinese. And it’s Toronto. I’ve heard many times that Toronto’s Chinese food is better than China’s (shhhh).
This used to be me. Like, SPOT ON.
Shrimp dumplings are on the bottom right. 
What does a typical day during this period involve?
If we’re talking about Christmas: Wake up, eat a delicious breakfast (like one of these breakfasts!), hang out with family, go to Mass, listen to Christmas songs, open presents, eat lunch (dim sum if we’re in Toronto), do some fun activities, cook/bake, eat a big dinner, and maybe watch a movie or go to a Christmas party. More or less. 
391154_2195077415089_593693835_n IMG_0997
Essentially, eat and spend time with family. That’s what the holidays are all about, right?!
Most memorable event?
I’d say it’s a tie between two Christmases:
1) Christmas in 2004 (I was 8 years old) when my cousins, Ben, and I put together a Christmas show for our family that involved music performances, singing, break dancing, and…..pillow sumo wrestling. There’s a video, of course. I love that my most embarrassing moments are immortalized.
2) Christmas in 2011 when we were in Florida with my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and best friends. All my favorite people in one house for my favorite time of year!
415341_348418708514626_1724041937_o 332839_319577348065429_248805599_o
Gahhh now all this talk is making me SO excited for Christmas! It also helps that I’m listening to Kelly Clarkson’s Christmas album as I type this.
Happy Sunday!
So tell me: What are some holiday traditions you and your loved ones have? What does a typical day look like when you celebrate your favorite holiday? What was your most memorable holiday?

9 thoughts on “Spill It Sundays #4: Holiday Traditions

  1. I come from an Italian family so on Christmas Eve we got to church and then my grandma makes a huge seafood dinner (shrimp, fried fish, pasta…) I think I may enjoy Christmas Eve over Christmas Day because of all the excitement!
    Even though you’re not in Toronto this year it’s still seems like you got some great things to look forward to here at home! And I’m just glad you and your family are ok! Maybe this was a blessing in disguise!
    Love ya and hope you have a great Sunday!

    • Oh yeah, I have some Italian friends that have a huge seafood dinner also! It’s something like the 7 fishes…? Correct me if I’m wrong. Sounds superb.
      We are most definitely blessed to be doing a bunch of activities that we would have missed if we were in Canada. My cousins are actually stopping by for the night and I’m super excited!
      ♥ Have a lovely Sunday, Katie!

  2. just saw your other post- so glad you guys are ok!!! i’ve been in a couple of car accidents and they’re super scary. i cant imagine what it would be like in the snow!

    anyways, i hope you guys have a wonderful christmas!! i’ve been listening to kelly clarkson’s album too as well as a ton of country christmas music. i’m obsessed with joy to the world by JT hodges!

  3. It’s good to hear you were able to attend those events you missed out on because of Toronto! So true- their Chinese food IS apparently better than China’s haha! Especially Dim Sum…Speaking of Dim Sum, I remember when my Aunty tried to force me to try chicken feet. There’s a reason why she’s my least favourite one.

  4. You know, I don’t like dim sum! I used to eat it as a kind, mostly the shrimp dumplings and I really can’t say it’s because the dim sum is bad here – we live in Southern California!

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