WIAW: Weekend Snow Days

I can’t believe I almost forgot to write this post.

It’s this crazy snow that’s throwing me off. We didn’t have a snow day (or 2-hour delay or early dismissal) yesterday, but ALL the surrounding schools had a day off. People think it’s because the school sort of messed up last week by calling a snow day when there was really nothing sticking to the roads, so now they’re trying to make it up. I’m not complaining if that means we don’t have to come in for a make up day sometime in June. The only issue is that the roads were actually dangerous and icy yesterday. I feel bad for school superintendents— they have to depend on meteorologists that are already pretty unreliable, and then a whole school district depends on them. Rough.

Speaking of snow days, this WIAW is a day of eats from Saturday and Sunday, which were spent inside mostly because of the white stuff. More time inside meant more time to make yummy food though! 🙂


Thanks for hosting as always, Jenn!



DSC_7054 DSC_7055

Best (yet ugliest) breakfast: overnight oats with sunflower seed butter and banana mixed in (and unpictured cereal for a crunchy topping!)



Greek yogurt, banana slices, crumbled banana nut muffin, and pepita sunseed butter






Salmon on greens + plum + plenty of freeze dried edamame (<— stuff is like crack)



Salmon on greens again + avocado toast + probably more edamame


DSC_7067 DSC_7069

Fluffy cornbread muffin straight out of the oven

Anddddd edamame. Edamame. Edamame.




Chili and more cornbread



Pork fajitas!



DSC_7076 DSC_7078

Baby froyo + a banana nut muffin fresh out of the oven


DSC_7086 DSC_7087

Monkey bread! (This plus a couple more… 😉 )

I definitely had a happy belly after these wonderful weekend eats!

Happy Wednesday (last one before Christmas)!!

So tell me: Has it snowed where you live? What is the best thing you ate this weekend? What is the best dessert you’ve eaten recently?


15 thoughts on “WIAW: Weekend Snow Days

  1. What a snow day conundrum! Icy roads are no fun – I hear you on that.
    The little bit of snow we had this season so far melted away in the blink of an eye. Right now I’m not complaining because I prefer my commute to be snow-free. But white Christmas would (have) be(en) nice – it’s very unlikely to happen.
    I’ve never had Monkey bread before but it looks delicious.

  2. I wish colleges cancelled school. I have yet to have a single cancelled class due to weather and the snow can get pretty bad here in the winter. Granted, most students are on campus walking, but most of the upperclassmen have to drive. I’m glad I’m not them right now. Driving in the snow makes me nervous!

    Oh, I hate when everyone else had cancellations or delays and my school didn’t. That’s kind of strange though that your school wouldn’t have had least had a delay. At least where I’m from there aren’t any limits on those?

    I’m glad you linked to all of the bread recipes you made. The monkey bread looks fantastic. And I’m totally jealous of that salmon. I love fish but can’t have it in my dorm room for the obvious smell reasons. Haha.

  3. There’s that delicious monkey bread taunting me again! Ohhh it looks so gooey and wonderful. What’s not so wonderful is that it’s currently snowing outside, but I guess it’s not so bad since I don’t have to be anywhere and it makes sitting inside extra cozy 😀

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