Behind the Scenes #2

Alright, I am officially calling these random thoughts posts “Behind the Scenes.” Cool? Coooool.

I’m also going to link these up to Amanda’s new Thinking Out Loud posts! It’s these random thoughts posts that make me go “mhmm,” “HAHAHA,” *gasp*, and “really??” And I love that. It’s the little things at their best!


1. This insomnia is so bad that I’m not upset about it anymore. Yes, it puts a significant damper on my exercise plans (zero energy) and I feel perpetually tired, but whatever will be, will be. Che sarà, sarà. Things will hopefully fall back into a normal cycle one of these days. I guess this sort of forces me to really crank down my exercise, so maybe this is all a part of God’s big scheme! Your prayers are much appreciated 🙂

2. I received my Black Friday purchases from Forever 21 on Monday! I mentioned in a previous post that this is counting as a Christmas gift from the ‘rents. We’re not too formal with the gift-giving actually. Whatever we give or receive around Christmastime can count as a gift, and then we just exchange little trinkets and cards on Christmas day for the formality 🙂


Pink lace shirt and a leather spiky skirt


Totally out of my comfort zone and my usual style, but I kinda like it! I can be bada$$. <—Ironic because I just typed that.


My favorite out of everything— soft and breezy striped ombre shirt


Cheetah print high low dress

There was also a cream-colored lace top, but I forgot to get pic of that. Also, my eyes are so Asian. Where are they? 😉

3. Guess what else came in the mail?! A special little package from my Elf4Health buddy, Emily (<—go check out her blog)!   She sent me some yummy local treats from Wisconsin and a sweet note:


I already tried some of the Bhakti Chai mints and I love ’em. And how did she know I love spinach artichoke dip?? Thanks so much again, Emily! You should be getting a package soon too 😀

4. I was watching Weelicious videos a couple nights ago (I sort of live vicariously through Catherine— she has so much fun cooking with her kids + she’s just awesome) and when I was watching her egg-in-a-hole video Tuesday night, I told my mom that I really wanted to try making it soon. Then mom said, “Can you make that now?” I replied, “Like, now? You want it now?” She smiled and said, “Yeah!” Fine with me! It smelled so good when I made it, and I when I had a bite, I knew I had to make one for myself for dinner the next night:

DSC_7050 DSC_7051

Check. that. out.

My mom put coconut oil on hers too. Highly recommend that.

5. My friend Kristi brought me some food magazines that her family wasn’t reading anymore. She knows me way too well.


6. I finally started reading Catching Fire on our snow day (Tuesday)! I’ve only put it off for about a year and a half. I borrowed the book from my friend Itzel, and I still haven’t given it back. She knows, but she also rolls her eyes at me when I tell her I still haven’t read it yet. Sorry, girl. I also just want to watch the movie!! So many people love it, and I’m the kind of person that wants to read the book before watching the movie.

7. Eating pomegranate seeds by the spoonful is a daily occurrence.


8. College admissions decisions are coming soon. I just don’t know when. I’m expecting at least a couple in the next week or so, but the rest should come sometime before the end of January. Eek!

9. We bought Trader Joe’s salted almond butter a couple weeks ago and I cracked it open on Tuesday night. I haven’t had almond butter in forever just because my love for peanut butter and sunflower seed butter blinded me. I also remember not really lovin’ almond butter all that much in the past, which is why I got salted for my first time giving it chance again. It still takes third place to the other two, but I do think I’ll be having it often 🙂

10. Speaking of which, I was in a huge rush this morning (trying to sleep in as much as possible), so I grabbed a banana and a spoonful of the AB before heading out the door. Bad idea. The almond butter is incredibly drippy, so I had to peel my banana right away to catch the waterfall of nut butter off my spoon. ‘Twas tasty nonetheless because I do love drippy nut butter.

Have a lovely Thursday, everyone!

So tell me: Do you go all out with Christmas gifts? Have you ever tried egg-in-a-hole? In order, what are your favorite nut/seed butters?


14 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes #2

  1. It makes my heart all sorts of happy to hear about people loving on almond butter — it’s my favourite 😀 Buuuuuut a peanut allergy might make me a little biased 😉 After that comes coconut butter, and then sunflower seed butter… those are pretty much the only ones I can have 😆

    And how gorgeous are you lookin’ in your new clothes?! My family has a tendency to buy presents ~around~ Christmas as well rather than put them under the tree, but we’re getting a little bit better at actually wrapping them and waiting — it makes things a little more fun.

    Happy Thursday, lovely lady!

  2. I’ve tried egg in the hole before but I can honestly never get it just right and it ends up breaking. Yours looks fabulous though.

    We aren’t too formal with gift giving in my house either. I love that Forever 21 outfit, so cute!

  3. Loving the new outfits girl!!!! And funny thing, I never liked almond butter until I found Barney butter! It’s definitely my favorite along with good old PB and sun butter!
    All my prayers that your sleep gets better ASAP and for those college admissions! Exciting stuff!💗

  4. Hay, peanut butter my loved too 😉
    And sunflower oil on the second place. I tried it somewhere a month ago for the first time, and it was fine! I act with sunflower oil also as well as with peanut – I receive very much as I can. When I hear that the portion makes two tablespoons in day, it forces me to sob. You it is serious? Therefore in one days at me is more, and in others it is less 😀

  5. I love egg in a whole- I think I’ve had something similar out for brunch once called a Croque Monsier or Croque madame? It was that, but with ham and cheese. So. Good.

    Hope the insomnia gets sorted soon- Based on personal experience I know overexercising and lack of proper fuel were clearly the biggest culprits for me- although it was moreso waking up MUCH earlier than I intended! Sending prayers your way regardless 🙂

  6. We know it as window egg haha!..nevertheless very yummy I agree. Awwh I feel you on the insomnia (just read your other post now), I suffered really bad last year when. Personally it was due to my under-eating. There were countless times I remember going crying to my parents because I felt so helpless! And then one night at my Mum’s insistence I went and had a big slice of milktart..and promptly drifted off :p. Even now on any given day I do not fully honor my hunger, I pay the penalty with a sleepless night. Hope it leaves you soon! Xoxo

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