WIAW: Lazy Sunday

Hey there!

I’m typing this on Tuesday night, so I have no idea how well I’m going to sleep (or how well I did sleep, since it’s now Wednesday), but THANK YOU all for your warm, supportive comments on my insomnia post yesterday. I will forever be grateful for such kind and relatable friends (yes, you!). 🙂

I’m so over thinking about sleep, so let’s move on to more fun things, like food! I’m joining Jenn’s WIAW party per usual. Go check out her page to see more delicious eats! Today I’m showing you what I ate on Sunday— a quasi rest day. I’ll also squeeze in details of what I actually did in between my noshing:




Big bowl o’ Greek yogurt, banana slices, and pepita sunseed butter 

~Teach Sunday school~

~Come home, type, and publish my Spill It Sunday post~



Brown rice, coconut oil pan-roasted Brussels sprouts, sautéed beef and tomatoes

~Procrastinate by watching celebrity interviews online (Paul Walker and Catching Fire stuff…)~




Korean pear slices

~Finish homework~

~Probably some more music-listening procrastination in there~

~Do a couple rounds of a circuit workout before Mom and Dad come home with take-out from our favorite Thai place~



Brown rice, ginger chicken


I also had some green curry chicken and drunken noodles

~Converse with the family~



Green tea ice cream!

~Do other things and *try* to go to sleep~

There ya have it! What I ate on a lazy Sunday. Happy Wednesday!

So tell me: What have you been eating lately? What’s your favorite food to take out?