Spill It Sunday #1: Struttin’ My Asian Stuff

Good morning and happy Sunday, everyone!

And HAPPY DECEMBER! I’m still amazed that it’s 2013, further less almost 2014. Hokey smokes. When I was in sixth grade, my class got T-shirts that said “Class of 2014,” and back then, I thought that year would never come. Now it’s around the corner and it’s exciting and freaky at the same time! But first, I’m in major anticipation of Christmas. A lot of people say we are in the Christmas season right now, but I like the sense of vigil for the actual day when our Lord came to us. However, Christmas music has been blasting in this household… 🙂

Today I’m sharing a fun post with you as part of Arman’s Spill It, Sunday link-up! Basically, bloggers answer some questions that allow readers to get to know them beyond their health and fitness lifestyles. Personally, I love reading about other people’s lives (nosy) and knowing more about the backgrounds of the bloggers I follow. So I think it would be a nice idea to give you all some more snippets of who I am too. Head on over to his blog to check out what other bloggers are spilling this Sunday!

The big man's world
What is your cultural background?
I am 100% Asian! My dad’s side is Chinese and my mom’s side is Laotian, so I’ve got a little Far East and Southeast in me. Unfortunately, I cannot speak the native languages of either those countries. My mom speaks Laotian and Thai with her friends and family (and watches Thai TV a LOT), but other than that, my parents have just spoken in English at home my entire life. I should learn Chinese from this girl! She’s got swag.
I’m definitely very familiar with Chinese and Laotian culture though. Like, I say “Ai-ya!” a lot. That’s just one example, I promise. Also, we eat dim sum on the daily whenever we visit relatives in Toronto.
I am overwhelmed.
Mom in a traditional Laotian outfit
I was born in Los Angeles, California, so I’m also super American.
I’m technically Canadian too, since I have a dual citizenship! My parents met in Toronto and my brother was also born there. Why I have citizenship there? I’m not sure. But I like Canada, so I’m alright with it.
My cousin
So I guess you can say I am a cocktail o’ nationalities. 🙂
What was your most memorable birthday?
My 13th. Not because I was becoming a teenager or anything, but because my sweet friends threw me a huge surprise party that almost put me to tears. Such a lucky gal I was. Just look at the invitation for the party!
I don’t even go this all-out for my own parties that I plan! I even wrote a whole story about the party and how thankful I was for my friends for putting it together. *Sniff*
Who was your childhood hero?
I guess I’ll answer like Arman with my favorite fictional character. I’d have to say it was Mulan. Yeah, it’s probably because she’s Chinese. Also, she’s freakin’ awesome. I mean, risking her life to save her father’s? Saving China? C’mon. Let’s also not forget the fun songs from that movie: “Let’s get down to business…to defeat….the Huns!
FUN FACT— I met the woman, Ming Na Wen, who played the voice of Mulan because my grandma is good friends with her mother-in-law. I got to hang with her and her dog and we got her autograph on this special framed picture of a scene from the movie…This was when I was maybe 3 years old, so I barely remember. But here’s a photo of it!
I’ll leave you off with that for this Sunday. I’m loving this Spill It stuff! Thanks again for hosting, Arman!
So tell me: What’s your cultural background? What was your most memorial birthday? Who was your childhood hero? 

13 thoughts on “Spill It Sunday #1: Struttin’ My Asian Stuff

  1. I really enjoyed this!! I love finding out more about my favorite bloggers😉😉(wink wink)
    My moms side is Italian and chzech and my dads family is from Spain. My aunt,uncle, and a few of my cousins actually live there! So I guess I’m a mutt!
    I loved Mulan too! Prob my favorite Disney movie and I always thought she was so pretty! And I would say my 8th birthday was my most memorable! We rented cabins in lake George and went camping!

  2. Me and my sister would ALWAYS say Aiyaa when we visited relos in Malaysia..then we got caned for being disrespectful by my uncle. Fail.

    I can’t believe you met the voice of Mulan- I remember watching a documentary about the cast of Mulan and she said it took 6 years to complete the movie from start to finish.

    Hi5 to being a cocktail of nationalities 😉

  3. so neat that you had a chance to meet mulan..even if you don’t really remember..

    i’m watching once upon a time (total spin on classic fairy tale characters) on netflix. i’m at the beginning of season 2, where mulan has just been introduced to us. loving her so far 🙂

    i love the photo of your cousin btw! that’s what i call “true north, strong and free”., sooo cute!

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  5. High five! I’m 100% Asian as well. I was also born in LA and moved back to Taiwan the summer before the first grade. So I’ve got dual citizenship too.

    Graduation will come before you know it, I just graduated from high school in June and it seems like time just keeps going faster and faster!

    So jealous you met the person who played Mulan, absolutely love the movie!

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