Behind the Scenes: A Full Day O’ Selfies

In a majority of my blog posts, I feel like I show a lot of what goes on right in front of me, but I rarely show what goes on behind the camera lens. I throw in a few pictures of me and my friends/family here and there because I think you would all appreciate knowing what I actually look like. Something that I almost NEVER do is post selfies. That’s right. Those pictures that are the reason why Apple put a camera on the screen-side of the iPhone. I do Snapchat people, but with the exception of a couple pictures in my early Instagram days (before I turned into a wannabe food photographer), I’m not a fan of posting selfies. The main reason is because I just feel a bit narcissistic. At the same time though, I kinda like seeing selfies from other people because it’s candid in a way…if you can actually take candid photos of yourself. 



Amanda from Running with Spoons has the same feelings toward selfies as me, and her “As We Speak” posts inspired this post. She stepped out of her comfort zone to show us selfies as she went on with her day. Also, Arman is hosting a Spill it Sunday that requires at least one selfie for fun. Well, I’m about to spill seflies ALL over you. This post is filled with pictures of me, myself, and I from Tuesday, the day of this week’s WIAW Photo an Hour. I made some of my friends get in the selfie with me because taking true selfies in school for no apparent reason is a social no-no. Although, I don’t care that much at this point. I’m already known as “the girl with the blog who loves food and peanut butter.” I take pride in it.

Behind the scenes in the AM…


Just a touch o’ makeup


Munching on honey crisp apple slices while waiting for my toast


Enjoying the best meal of the day

Behind the scenes at school….


What I think of my AP Calc work (Except I probably look even more frustrated than this 9/10 times).


Study hall buddies Itzel and birthday girl Nicole (with her dinosaur piñata)! Basically, procrastinating my AP Calc work.


Daliza and I are just so happy to be in Italian class!!!


Always snacking with my girl Kristi in Business Calc


Genuine excitement to be headed to lunch with Je’lyn!


My no frills locker. Books. Lunch. Jacket.


Walking to our cars in the frigid air. My face looks the same here as in the lunch picture…maybe it was just frozen like that.

Behind the scenes in the PM….


Smelling Mom’s curry is making me want to EAT


All bun-headed up for ballet

photo 1

Not a fan of baby hairs that make me look like Alfalfa


Mis-matched socks to keep my toes warm when I’m sleeping


He’s the last one to whom I say good night 🙂

And that’s a wrap! I actually had a fun time doing this. I guess that’s why selfies are so popular! Also, I’m thinking “Behind the Scenes” might be a good title for my random Thursday Thoughts posts. Better than Loggin’ the Noggin….

Have a wonderful Thursday! Today’s a half day of school for me because of some teacher training things going on. Woot woot!

So tell me: How do YOU feel about selfies? What are you up to today?


7 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes: A Full Day O’ Selfies

  1. Awww! LOVE it, girl! And for the record, you are TOO darn adorable. I can’t even tell you how awkward I felt putting up that first selfie post, but the more pictures I took, the easier it got. I still feel a bit narcissistic taking them, but you’re right — people really love seeing them because it turns the blogger from simply being a “voice behind a screen” to an actual person… as weird as that sounds.

    Oh, and that last picture? Loooooove ❤

  2. I absolutely loved this!!!!!!! I vote for “behind the scenes”every week!:)
    I do not have the best luck taking selfies…usually when I do someone will be looking at me and I feel like a tool! So I’ve cut back and restrain myself to selfies at home only! lol but even still I feel very silly!

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