WIAW: Photo An Hour

I finally did it. I took a picture of everything I ate in a single day. *Snaps* I even took a picture every hour so that you could see things from my perspective throughout the day. Not that my view is anything super exciting…actually it might be kinda boring to you, but at least there’s some yummy food to look at. Because what’s today? What I Ate Wednesday!!


Hosted by the fabulous Jenn at Peas and Crayons as always!

Just so you know, these are all photos taken within each hour, not on the dot. And I took a lot of these in between classes—I’m not really one to just whip out my phone in the middle of class, don’t worry. 😉 Also, stay tuned for a sorta “Behind the Scenes” post tomorrow, which will involve a TON of selfies, inspired by Amanda. Get excited.

7 AM


Toast with nut butter and banana + glass o’ milk

8 AM


AP Calculus. Gooooood mornin’.

9 AM


It was my friend Nicole’s birthday, and some of her best friends got her this dinosaur piñata. I can’t tell if I think it’s cute or creepy.

10 AM


Buon giorno

11 AM


{More like 10:30…} Nut and seed bar in Business Calculus

12 PM


Lunch time! Ground turkey, onion, and cheese sandwich.


Clementine that coordinated with my lunch bag


A piece of Nicole’s birthday brownies. 🙂

1 PM


Sketching plant parts in AP Bio

2 PM


Walkin’ to my car from school

3 PM


Carrots and hummus + fruit


Apples dipped in hummus is strangely delicious. Props to Kylie for the idea!


Catching up on some blogs

4 PM


Calc homework while Tori Kelly serenades me with Christmas songs (Her Christmas covers are the only ones I’ll listen to right now. Otherwise, it’s too early for Christmas music for me.)

5 PM


I smelled Mom’s dinner cooking, so I thought I was hungry for a snack before dance— Greek yogurt with banana slices as I worked on my English paper…


…But I was actually not that hungry so I saved most of it in the fridge for later

6 PM-7 PM


Alright so I kinda cheated…I didn’t take a picture in the 6 PM hour. But after about an hour of ballet, I got hungry again, so I snagged a couple handfuls of Cinnamon Chex and pretzel crisps.

8 PM


Hodgepodge dinner: Fish curry with shirataki noodles + salad with a hard-boiled egg. Despite the randomness, it was so yummy.


NOT a pat of butter. A square of Black Diamond white cheddar. Seriously the best.

I also finished my yogurt and bananas from earlier with some cereal sprinkled on top for extra crunch.

9 PM

photo 2

AP Bio homework

10 PM

photo 3

Blogging! And then showering and hitting the hay.

I used the smaller pictures this week again because there were just so many photos. I didn’t want there to be a million huge photos for you to scroll through…a million small ones is acceptable though 😉

Happy Wednesday!

So tell me: What have you been eating recently? What does your average day look like?