WIAW: Eats on a Day Off of School

Good morning!

First of all, I must say that the blogging community’s support never ceases to rock my socks off. I don’t get dozens of comments on my posts yet, but any and every comment on my posts is appreciated from the depths of my heart. Yesterday, your honest, loving, and encouraging comments were just what I needed as I start this journey of getting my health on track. Thank you so very much. 🙂

Moving on to the meat of today’s post… It’s WIAW! I’m not the only one that loves saying wee-aww, right? Jenn must have known that the acronym would be super fun to say every week 😉


I was fortunate enough to have a day off of school for Veterans’ Day (which also happened to be my brother’s birthday), so I got to enjoy my meals after sleeping in. I ended up eating breakfast at 10AM and lunch at 3PM, with snacks in between of course. Then in the evening, my family celebrated Ben’s birthday at a restaurant called 42 where we feasted on some fabulous dishes. Let’s take a look, shall we? (This week, I’m actually following the rules and posting what I ate on a single day! Also, I’m going to try using large pictures so you guys can see them better. Does that work for you all? More food-in-your-face action.)



Greek yogurt (in a mug!) with sliced banana, peanut butter balls, and pepita sun seed butter.



Before what was probably my last intense workout: honeycrisp apple and pear slices. This x2.

I also had a Corazonas blueberry oatmeal bar at the gym of which I didn’t snap a picture.



More amazing leftover BBQ Pumpkin Turkey meatballs with more BBQ sauce, random pickled beets, and spinach. Whole grain avocado toast on the side. (It was only 3PM and this picture makes it looks like it was nighttime!)



Two, three, or ten palmfuls of these Crunch-a-mame dried edamame beans. Addicted.



Selfies in the elevator on our way up to the 42nd floor of the hotel (hence, the restaurant’s name— “42”).


42 is participating in something called Restaurant Week where several restaurants provide a great deal on a special menu with their finest recent culinary creations. For only $29 per person, we got an appetizer, entree, and dessert. Usually just an entree at 42 are over $30!


My mom ordered the tapas board (which was an additional cost) for us to share as well. It had marinated olives, blistered peppers, Iberian cheeses, quince marmalade, shrimp empanadas, beef croquettes, and porchetta. My favorites were the cheeses, shrimp empanada, and marmalade!


My appetizer: Beet and pear salad with yuzu yogurt sauce (delicious!), and fennel.


My entree: Portuguese BBQ Salmon with homemade chips and collard greens. Can we take a moment to look at the sheer SIZE of that piece o’ fish?! It was cooked absolutely perfectly— medium rare. Just how I like it. My family members also raved about it.


My dessert: Panna cotta with sticky toffee carrot cake. This was good, but nothing outstanding.

Other highlights of the table:

DSC_6819 DSC_6820

Left: Ben’s PFC (Portuguese Fried Chicken)— WOW. Right: Dad’s fish and chips— super flavorful and a little modern.

Mom’s pork tenderloin was eh. Her dessert though…

DSC_6832 DSC_6833

Left: Mom’s Pumpkin and Cardamom Fritters with Maple Syrup— So fluffy and delightful! Right: Ben’s Funny Bone Bar, a chocolate and peanut butter cake-mousse type thing with a slight crispy crunch to it. Like a fancy Reese’s. How could you go wrong?

We were so stuffed. It was a wonderful dinner and we are excited to see what else 42 will offer after Restaurant Week. We’ve been there a few times before, but they recently changed the concept of the restaurant from upscale, gourmet food to more accessible, casual tapas. The food still has a classy, gourmet twist though!

Happy Wednesday!

So tell me: What is the best thing you’ve eaten at a restaurant lately? Any good eats in general?