Excited for November

November is one of my favorite months for many reasons. The crisp air, the holidays, the anticipation of December (Christmas!)… After seeing Julie’s posts about what she looks forward to in the month at hand, I thought I would share some of the things I’m excited for in November!

Veterans’ Day + Ben’s Birthday

November 11th is Veterans’ Day (Remembrance Day in Canada) and my brother’s birthday! Of course, it is always wonderful to dedicate a day to the brave men and women who have put their lives on the line to protect our country. This year, Ben will be entering the double decade. Big 2-0, woot woot! He’s still a smushy penguin to me though 🙂 He’s always been a lucky duck because we always get a day off of school. I think we’re going to something called the Jack o’ Lantern Blaze the day on November 10th. It’s actually a really popular show—we had to settle for the latest time on the last date of the event. We know Halloween is over, but they’re supposed to have some wicked awesome Jack o’ Lantern displays, so I’m excited!





Annual Dance Choreography Showcase

Company’s first performance of the year is this month! We’ll be performing two dances that we’ve been rehearsing for the past couple of months at a college dance theater alongside several other amazing professional dancers and choreographers. Last year the showcase actually had to be postponed because of a power outage after superstorm Sandy. It was a major bummer because everyone was already at the theater, dancers were dressed, and then everything just came to a halt. Hopefully this year all will go over smoothly.

IMG_0839 IMG_0841

Scenes from last year’s show. Left: with Allison in our Western French outfits. Right: the company director, Julie, was the only one who knew how to get my slippery, pin-straight hair up into some pouf-ish ‘do. (PS: Sorry I made the same face twice. I guess I was feelin’ the overenthusiastic look that day)

I’ll try to share pictures, but I don’t think I can share video of the performances for copyright reasons. I am stoked to see all the works of art that the choreographers have crafted! I’m also of course super excited to perform.

National Peanut Butter Lovers’ Month!!!

‘Nough said. Other fun food holidays happening this month can be found on this handy calendar from Dinner Mom.

pb lovers

Ah, yes. A collage dedicated to my favorite food ever.


Second favorite holiday for sure (after Christmas). The family time, the gratitude, the giving, the food. It’s just a holiday that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Some ideas for the menu are definitely churning in my noggin already. I love to make the sides, which are really the best part of the meal. Favorites? Stuffing and corn bread. ALL the carbs.

IMG_0769 IMG_0772

Last year’s feast

This year we’ll be staying at home again for Thanksgiving. It’s so nice to just lay low with the family, watch the Macy’s parade and Charlie Brown specials, and just spend a good chunk of the day cooking in the kitchen.

Those are the major events that I’m looking forward to this month! God has blessed us with many wonderful events to anticipate and share with our loved ones.

So tell me: What are you excited for this month? If you checked out that food holiday calendar, which ones caught your eye? 

I’m interested in Homemade Bread Day, National Guacamole Day, and National French Toast Day!