WIAW: Strange But Good

My fingers and toes are little icicles in this house! My dad tries to set the thermostat really lowwww (like 63 degrees) to save energy, which I’m cool with until my feet start to lose feeling even when I’m wearing socks. Just a little warmer, pa?



At least the cooler weather makes me feel more legit when I eat things like pumpkin, hot oatmeal, and hot soup. This past week has included all of those things, so here we go with another WIAW thanks to Jenn! Again, these are just a bunch of meals/snacks that I’ve noshed on throughout the whole week in no particular order, not just in a day. I go against the rules. I also ate a lot of strange things this week, but of course I thought they were all supah tasty…otherwise I wouldn’t be eating them! Thus, I’m also gonna join in on Laura’s Strange But Good fun.

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DSC_6319 DSC_6320

Pumpkin peanut butter brown rice “pudding.” #Strangebutgood. I just microwaved 3/4 c. brown rice with 1 tbsp pb, ~1/4c. milk, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, and ~1/3c. pumpkin puree. Topped with half a sliced banana and a drizzle of maple syrup!

DSC_6255 DSC_6109

Rice krispies+Whole Foods PB Balls+banana with sunflower seed butter


Gina’s cookie dough cereal with raspberries and banana


MY #1 FAVORITE BREAKFAST EVER. Overnight oats in a sunflower seed butter jar. Oh. so. scrumptious.


Most of my lunches are at school or dance and have consisted of yummy chicken or turkey sandwiches with an apple on the side.


DSC_6561 DSC_6564

My mom picked up pumpkins and other funny-looking squashes to roast, and I have probably eaten my weight in pumpkin the past few days. We didn’t roast that really funky looking squash in the front though. She figured it would work a lot better as a decoration. Besides eating the pumpkin by itself, I’ve also tried eating it with hummus and even Greek yogurt mixed with pepita sunseed butter. Delicious.




The usual yogurt bowl with banana and nut butter. Classic and no-fail.


I tried one of these pumpkin spice cookies that I made for our senior class bake sale last week. From a box like a champ.

photo 3

Still lots of these Costco nut and seed bars. So good!


My mom asked me one night to monitor the split pea soup she was boiling. I was doing my homework in the meantime, so I didn’t check it until it was literally split pea chutney….oops. I still ate it like that though. It was really good on toast! I definitely should have just added more hot water like my mom did after she saw my damage. Oh well. Split pea chutney was #strangebutgood.


Not even close to soup.


Another dinner was a veggie/cheese wrap that fell apart in the panini maker + BBQ chicken on a bed of spinach


Avocado on an English muffin, salmon, and brussels sprouts


Huge salad with brussels sprouts, pumpkin, and salmon

Alright, so there is a sample of my eats for this week, and as you can see, there were many funky food combinations. I never would have been quite this adventurous with my food in the past, but reading blogs has aided in the evolution of my taste buds 🙂

Also, my mom bought my brother and me a big pumpkin for carving! She also bought a couple bags Halloween candy for next week, from which we picked out all the Reese’s (for Ben and me) and Almond Joys (for da ‘rents). We might not finish all of them, but we’re keepin’ a stash just for now 😉

DSC_6572 DSC_6573

Love our Reese’s.

Happy Wednesday!

So tell me: What are some strange but good things you like to eat? What’s your favorite candy?