Thursday Things + Strength and Cardio Circuit Workout

Top o’ the mornin’ to ya!

I’ve never done one of these “Thursday Things” posts, which is basically just a compilation of a bloggers’ random thoughts, right? But I have a bunch of things to say about this week I think might intrigue or entertain you. I actually love reading about what’s happening in other people’s every day lives. There are so many moments of connection in the little things that make me think, “Oh my gosh, I feel ya” or “Whoa, that’s so cool!” or “I should try that,” etc. Also, there’s a fun workout tagged on at the end!

1. I made my first major-ish car boo-boo on Monday. I was backing out of the garage to drive to the gym at night, and I guess I was going a wee bit too fast while looking in a different direction, so I ended up hitting the left side mirror coming out, causing the mirror frame to break and the mirror itself to crack a little. Go me. My mom had to go get it fixed at the auto shop, and it did cost moolah to replace, of course. My parents are gracious though, and are willing to pay for the first offense. Next offense (which I pray will not happen) is on me. Sorry, mom and pop. ALERTNESS.


I can’t pull this off.


2. Four-day weekend!! (Superintendent’s Conference Day tomorrow and Columbus Day Monday)



3. The homecoming theme day for next week that I forgot to mention is Color Wars! Each grade dresses in a certain color, and seniors are black. Black out–woot woot! Also, what should I wear for “Decade Day”? Should I go with the high socks, leggings, high ponytail style?

4. Driving has made me much more familiar with current popular music than ever before since I listen to the radio in the car. I used to be oblivious to what the top hits were. Right now, my favorite songs to listen to on the radio are “Wake Me Up” by Avicii, “Still Into You” by Paramore, and “Counting Stars” by One Republic.

5. Last night, I was an altar server at the Red Mass at my church, which is a Mass that honors the community’s members of legal professions and administrators of justice. There’s a Red Mass every year, and it’s always great to serve those who serve us every day!

6. One of my friends thought that my WIAW from yesterday was a portrayal of ONE day’s eats! If anyone else was thinking that I ate seven breakfasts in one day, let me clarify that those pictures were from throughout the whole week. I mean, I love breakfast, but having that many in one day is excessive even for me.

7. Alright I think those are the main things that have been on my mind recently, so here is the workout! I actually made this workout a long time ago and I’ve done it several times, but I just made a graphic for it last week. It’s another strength and cardio workout (my favorite!) like the 10-15-20 workout I posted a few weeks ago. Hope it makes ya sweat and burn like it did to me! (TIP: Use a challenging dumbbell weight for the strength moves [I used 7.5-15 lb DBs depending on the move].)

15-50 workout

For the triple pulse lunge jumps, just pulse three times in the lunge position and then switch legs (lunge jumps demo)

Side burpees


Triple pulse squat jumps

Bridge with leg raise (without medicine ball)


Happy Thursday!

So tell me: What was your first car mishap? What are some of your favorite radio songs?


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