WIAW: Healthy Snacks

Hello there!

How is everyone this Wednesday? This is actually sort of like a Thursday for me because we have Friday off for Superintendent Conference Day! Ya gotta love those days. And then we have Monday off for Columbus Day, so I am psyched for the four-day weekend. To add to the fun, next week is homecoming week, which means Retro Day, Wacky Wednesday (Maybe I should dress up as a food item as an ode to WIAW? Ehhh, maybe not), spirit day, and some other day that I can’t quite remember. I’ll be sure to share pictures from the shenanigans (as our WIAW host, Jenn, always loves to say).

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I appreciate your comments on my more reflective post on Monday about being more thankful for family. As much as I love getting deep and solemn, I’m ready for this post to be more light-hearted! So without further ado, here are some of my eats from this week, with the theme of healthy snacks for October!



Peanut butter, pumpkin, banana English muffin sandwich with a glass o’ milk (as always!)


PB banana smoothie that was really runny. I totally should have used it as cereal sauce!!! Next time.


Kind of a weird-looking one. Rice Krispies and Puffins with milk + banana with pb


Pumpkin waffles with a dollop of Greek yogurt and pepita sunseed butter!


Greek yogurt with leftover waffle, banana slices, and pepita sunseed butter


I keep forgetting to take pictures of my lunch at school, but they have mostly been delicious chicken sandwiches/wraps that my mom has so kindly prepared for my dad, Ben, and me. She ROCKS.




Yogurt with banana and nut butter–best snack EVER




Grapes grapes grapes

photo 3

These awesome wannabe “KIND” bars from Costco. I love them! And the ingredients are comparable to KIND bars.



Quinoa Brown Rice blend from Seeds of Change that Mom combined with sun dried tomatoes, egg, and lettuce. Delish.


Another mom meal. Pasta with sun dried tomatoes and cheese, rotisserie chicken, broccoli + hummus

Bonus Dessert


Self-explanatory yumminess

Happy Wednesday! Have a great rest of the week 🙂

So tell me: What are some healthy snacks you’re eating this month? 


7 thoughts on “WIAW: Healthy Snacks

  1. Your mom is the bomb.com for making you and your brother those wraps! Yum! My snack of choice right now is trail mix from Costco. We buy huge bags and put a cup or so in baggies to take with us to work. I’m also obsessed with peanut butter and anything that tastes remotely good with it!

  2. Omg cereal sauce?! Must try this!!!
    My snacks are pretty similar (love the pb banana Greek yogurt combo!) fruit, yogurt messes, quest bars, that sort of thing!

    Looks like you’ve got some fun stuff coming up! Enjoy!👍😘💕

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