WIAW: Eating Quirks

Sniffle sniffle. I believe this bug has turned into a minor head cold. Besides being a little drowsy, all is still well. Especially since it’s Wednesday, which means I get to show you food pictures! (When do I not show you food pictures though??) Head over to Jenn’s blog to check out more delicious eats from WIAW!


I think everyone has at least some quirks when it comes to eating food. Some people only take small bites, eat the crust first, pick out seeds/peels, etcetera. I for one have many, so I’m gonna let you in on some of the things I like to do when I eat certain foods (some of these pictures are old, but most are from this week):


When I eat two pieces of toast, I have to put different nut butters on each and take turns biting each. And sometimes I take bites out of the same part of the toast.


When I eat toast-type breakfasts with nut butter, I have to have a glass o’ milk on the side to wash it down. (This was a delicious peanut butter pumpkin banana sandwich on an English muffin.)

DSC_6073 DSC_6030

I try my best to save the nut butter in my oatmeal for last. Just like my overnight oats! (Left: pumpkin oats!)


I like to add cereal for crunch on top of smoothies and oatmeal. (Banana sunflower seed butter smoothie topped with PB Puffins.)


If possible (and appetizing), I like to combine my foods into bowls. (Tuna, sun dried tomato, broccoli whole wheat pasta with a hard boiled egg.)

DSC_6079 DSC_5580

More often than not, I don’t use salad dressing for my salads. I use food as my dressing. I also have to add more greens if there’s too much food on top. (Left: Avocado toast + salad with tofu, seared tuna, and salsa.)


Since dried figs are so sweet, I have to dip them in lots of Greek yogurt.

These are just a few of my food quirks that I’ve noticed recently, but I’m sure I’ve got plenty of other weird habits. I’ve always found people’s eating quirks funny and interesting. Other quirks I’ve observed/been told about:

  • My mom, for instance, likes to eat nuts in two to three bites because she likes to “indulgeeeeeeee.”
  • When my brother eats pasta and meatballs, he takes a bite from the meatball and goes back to the pasta, whereas others would focus on eating one or the other.
  • One of my friends only sucks the juice out of oranges without eating the pulp.
  • Another friend eats her bananas by peeling it back a little, breaking off a piece, eating it, and repeating. She’s done this ever since she had awkward eye contact with a guy while eating a banana…..
  • I save the tops of muffins/breads for last because it’s the best part in my opinion. Once though, my mom thought I didn’t want the top of my pumpkin bread slice and she ate it when I wasn’t looking. I was like, “Noooooo I was saving the best for last!” *Sigh*
  • Another friend eats yogurt with a fork.

I find these pretty funny!

So tell me: What are YOUR eating quirks?? {P.S. How do you like the new banner? I think it looks cleaner and a little less….”Here’s me jumping on a beach!!!”}


15 thoughts on “WIAW: Eating Quirks

  1. I like your banner! When I eat salads or ice cream I eat the bulky stuff first (ice cream or lettuce) and save all the good stuff for the last bite! (Cheese, toppings, sprinkles, brownie bites ect) I also pick food apart. It drives my bf crazy.

  2. First, I have to say that you eat really well…meaning you eat in super healthy ways! I envy your willpower and creativeness with food. I think when it comes down to it, I don’t eat well because I’m LAZY. Anyway, food quirks–I eat ketchup with everything. And I mean just about everything. I dip chips in ketchup. I eat Easy Mac for breakfast sometimes. Some people don’t like their food touching…I like to mix it all together. Sometimes my husband makes bacon and puts it in macaroni. I dip pizza in honey mustard. I could seriously go on and on! PS. Hope you feel better!

    • Aw thanks, Logan 🙂 I’m pretty spoiled right now since I’m still living under my parents’ roof, and they help buy healthy yet convenient foods like carrots, bananas, yogurt, etc. College will be something to get used to 😉
      And dipping pizza in honey mustard sounds DELICIOUS.

  3. I do literally the exact same thing with the nut butter in my oatmeal – my last 3 bites are always melty and nut butter-y…so good. My quirks include peeling the crust off my bread to save it for last (it’s my favorite part), the nut butter/oatmeal thing, and eating mainly from bowls, if possible. :))

  4. at first I thought this was all from today and I thought to myself, “wow, that’s a lot of breakfast!”

    Quirks: I don’t drink tea without honey. I love cherry tomatoes on salads, but only sliced. I HAVE MUSHROOMS WITH EVERYTHING. And I eat cheez doodles with a spoon!

    • Hahaha I love breakfast, but if I ate this all in one sitting that would be a little bit much!
      I’ve never seen you have mushrooms! And I also need to witness you eating Cheez Doodles with a spoon. That would complete my visualization of you for your college essay 🙂

  5. Haha, I enjoyed reading about your family’s food quirks. My husband always leaves ONE bite of something on his plate… drives me crazy.
    Some of my weird ones…
    -I usually eat my food in sections – starting with whatever I like least so I can save the best for last.
    -I can only eat apples if they’re sliced
    – I prefer to eat my meals out of bowls – it keeps everything all neat & tidy.

  6. I eat almost everything in a mug–ice cream, yogurt, cereal, fruit, soup…the list goes on! Food just tastes better in a mug. 🙂 In fact, I’m eating greek yogurt in a mug as I write this. Oh, and your breakfasts look so yummy!

  7. For some reason your posts weren’t showing up in my feed and then today all of them from the last week showed up!😳 anywho I hope you are feeling better and I love the new look!

    I loved this post!!!! I am always observing people and their eating quirks! I’m exactly the same with saving the tops of muffins and using food and my salad dressing! Also if I have a yogurt mess I eat all of the yogurt first and save the best stuff (muffin, granola, on, etc) for last! I think I do that will all my food (save the best for last!) I probably have a ton more too but I’ll spare you lol💜

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