Fascinating Friday Links #5

This week went by quickly for me! Hopefully you feel the same way, unless you wanted to savor it for whatever reason. This school year as a whole however, is moving as slow as a snail. I got really sad yesterday when I told my friends, “It already feels like the second semester…But it’s not.” Meep. What a downer I am. Even then, I am thoroughly enjoying senior year because I’ve got some great teachers and, of course, my best senior buddies (cheesy cheesiness)!

Also, the fall weather here in New York is just splendid, I must say. I love how people can wear short sleeves or a light sweater and be comfortable either way. My mom did help break out the boots–my favorite kind of footwear. Now I’m just anticipating the colorful foliage, which is kinda one of my favorite parts of living in the northeast.

Anyway, another Friday, another collection of fascinating links for you all to read, drool over, and ponder. 🙂

fascinating friday

Fitness and Health

[Keep the brain sharp] How Physical Fitness May Promote School Success via New York Times

[Great tips] Healthy Eating on a Budget via Cait’s Plate

[This looks like a doozy!] 360 Rep Time Challenge via Purely Twins

[Benefits of steady state and high intensity workouts] Sprints of Steady? via The Fitnessista; 7 Reasons to Do HIIT Training via Purely Twins

[Don’t underestimate walking] The Most Underrated Exercise via It’s Progression

[ATTENTION COLLEGE STUDENTS and fellow high school seniors!] College Student Fitness and Nutrition Guide via Hungry and Fit

Helpful Hints

[Start your day with a filling, nutritious breakfast] Three Ways to Amp Up Breakfast via The Real Life RD

[Tweet tweet] 4 Ways You Can Better Promote Your Posts on Twitter via Jennifer Grayeb

[Because mornings can be rough] 19 Ways to Make Mornings Less Terrible via Thought Catalog

[Some of the best advice for anyone and everyone] Advice for the World via The Lean Green Bean

[I’m still learning] 10 Ways to Build Your Blog as a Brand via Perfection Isn’t Happy

[Whole Foods is even more awesome that I originally thought] Whole Foods Market: An In-Depth Tour via Me and the Mountains

Fall Food Frenzy

[Anything with streusel or crisp has my attention] Apple Streusel Bread via Running to the Kitchen; Apple Crisp Muffins via Iowa Girl Eats; Maple Pecan Streusel Bread via Healthy Food for Living

[Three of my favorite things in a muffin?!] Fig and Goat Cheese Honey Muffins via Running with Spoons

[Totally want to try this] Vanilla Honey Chai Latte via Back to Her Roots

[More fantastic fall flavors {I am on a roll with this “F” alliteration}] Pumpkin Spice Ginger Walnut Muffins via Daily Garnish

[All raw. Not even a fall food, but that’s completely ok.] Banana Ice Cream Sundae with Chocolate Sauce via This Rawsome Vegan Life

To Make Your Heart Swell

[You MUST watch this. The sweetest duet ever.] Tonight You Belong to Me (Cover)–Me and My 4 y.o. via Benjamin J. Ames on Youtube

[Such a beautiful reflection] What Nicaragua Gave Me via The Real Life RD

[I can relate so closely] Dear Body… via The Healthy Maven

[A tear-jerker] A Father Gives His Girls the Best Surprise Before Dying of Terminal Cancer via Viralnova

Happy Friday!

So tell me: Did your week go by quickly? How’s the weather where you live? Which links did you enjoy?




2 thoughts on “Fascinating Friday Links #5

  1. As usual I loved this! You find the most interesting stuff!
    that last one….I’m tearing up. Oy
    And on a side note of there’s one good tgif about living in ny it’s the fall!!👍 after that though then I’m ready to flee to warmer weather! Haha
    Well have a wonderful weekend 💜

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