The Weekend That Didn’t Feel Like a Weekend {MIMM #5}

The title makes it sound like I did not have a marvelous weekend, but I assure you I did! It was just packed with things to do:

  • Homework. Blah.
  • College application fun
  • Assisting dance class
  • Taking dance class
  • Planning/teaching religious education
  • Company rehearsal
  • More homework

Some more leisurely things that went down include a workout at the gym, a nap, watching home videos, and watching the Great Food Truck Race (next weekend is the finale!).


Thanks, Katie for hosting another marvelous Monday!

Marvelous is...

A kick-butt workout from Jess:


I used a 12 kg (~26 lb.) kettle bell, and those single arm overhead walking lunges were tough! I ended up modifying them to overhead reverse lunges using two arms. Oof. Another awesome workout, Jess!

Marvelous is…

Assisting a younger dance class for the first time this year! Thea is assisting with me, and we are super excited to work with the girls because they are seriously some of the cutest, most talented dancers.

Marvelous is…

Wheat Thins. My family has been hooked ever since my mom came home with three boxes from Costco. We’ve tried the sun-dried tomato basil kind, original, honey mustard, and zesty salsa varieties so far. We’re starting to hoard them at this point. All of them are so dang addicting! We literally polished off our first box of honey mustard Wheat Thins in one day. It’s kind of ridiculous, but when you try this combo, you’ll understand:

photo 15

Do it and thank me later.

And no, Wheat Thins are not necessarily a quality snack, but they’re not too shabby. Plus, they’re just tasty. Ben claims that they’re good for you though because of the “100% whole grain” plastered on the side of the box. He thinks what he wants 😉

Marvelous is…

Bath and Body Works’ Lavender Vanilla pillow spray and lotion. I absolutely love lavender and vanilla, and the scent is so calming.


Marvelous is…

“Hey! Bop ba ba. Got any GRAPES?” (Duck song reference? Watch it once and you’ll never forget it.)


Little Big gems of sweet deliciousness.

Marvelous is…

Using romaine instead of spinach in my green smoothie since that’s all we had on hand. It was a little more “green” tasting, but still quite subtle. I don’t mind a little earthy flavor anyway 🙂


Marvelous is…

A Korean BBQ dinner compliments of mom and HMart! Complete with beef, pork, shrimp, mystery fish balls (those get less and less appealing every time buys ’em), tofu, vegetables, and soba noodles. Delicious! Thanks, ma!






Here’s to the start of a new week! I hope yours is filled with many blessings. Happy fall too!

So tell me: Was your weekend busy? Do you like Wheat Thins? Are you excited for fall?


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