WIAW: Blogger-Inspired Breakfasts

Hey everyone!

School and activities are pretty all-consuming right now, so this is gonna be a short and sweet WIAW. I had some pretty delicious eats last week, so here is a hodgepodge of some of meals from random days. Thanks (new momma!) Jenn for hosting!




Gina’s cookie dough cereal


Chelsey’s (also new momma–of twin girls!) banana cream sauce on toast. Not the most photogenic, but supah tasty!


Kath’s whipped banana oats with peaches and crunchy pb


Yogurt bowl with banana, chia, crumbled coconut banana muffin, and sunflower seed butter. Also inspired by Kath.


Toast with sunbutter, yogurt with vanilla and oranges (like a creamsicle thing going on), glass o’ milk

As you can see, I have been drawing tons of inspiration from other bloggers 🙂



Chicken, roasted bell peppers, spinach, avocado and s+p on English muffin


Chicken sausage halves on toast with sauteed onions and way too much ketchup and mustard

Photo1 2

Avocado toast, curried chicken salad on lettuce leaves



Lime-dill salmon, brown rice, and carrots


Yellowtail tuna with mango salsa, cilantro, corn

Happy Wednesday!

So tell me: What have you been eating this week?

*I would also like to pray for those who lost their lives in the tragedy of 9/11. The bravery and sacrifice of many men and women on that day shall never be forgotten. May God grant them rest and their families peace.*


6 thoughts on “WIAW: Blogger-Inspired Breakfasts

  1. Wow!! Everything looks super healthy and tasty!! Very inspiring… thanks for posting 🙂
    Sincerely Cailee @http://www.hellohealthyeating.com

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