WIAW: Whole Foods Trip

Did anyone else see Serena crush her opponent last night? Poor Suarez-Navarro got the “double bagel” (a term that I learned last night–in other words, she won no games).



If Serena was the top person and Suarez-Navarro was the bottom.


Look at how tennis savvy I’m getting!

Onto the eats! Last Wednesday I had a long day of dance from 10 AM – 5 PM, which was great, but I also had a Whole Foods trip to look forward to for dinner 🙂 So here’s what went down. As always, thank you Jenn for hosting!




Peach overnight oats! Ahh the peaches made it extra yummy.


And I finished the other half of the peach. Cherishing the remnants of summer.



Smoked salmon, avocado, and spinach sandwich eaten on dance break.



I ate the banana, but I gave the oatmeal square to my dance friend who had no lunch with her. Some other dance friends were kind enough to share their granola and kettle-cooked potato chips with me 😀


WHOLE FOODS HOT BAR! We don’t usually go to Whole Foods, but I get into an “OMG I’m such a blogger”-mode and head for the hot bar when we do.


Bottom: greens.

Top: chickpea cranberry salad, couscous salad, orzo salad, single block of sesame tofu, random pulled chicken and ground turkey, green beans with mushrooms.

I tried to calm myself down when I went to the hot bar, because it’s so easy to get carried away at that place. My favorites were the couscous and orzo salads and the pulled chicken. The block of tofu was like a rubber shoe…but I still ate it.

For dessert, we just had some bites of the endless samples they give out at WF including snickerdoodle cookies and apple cake. We also picked up some loot for home. Check out these high-quality samples!!


We probably would never buy these things if they weren’t on sale. But to be given them for free? Uh, yes please! That Steaz, by the way–delicious.

We then proceeded to pick up some fun things like Ciao Bella gelato and WF brand peanut butter puffs. Score.

Yesterday my mom went on a grocery shopping spree and came home with so. much. food. She bought lots of good stuff, so this week I’ll probably be taking advantage of my last days of summer break to try out some yummy recipes! School=sandwiches every day.

Have a lovely Wednesday!

So tell me: Did you watch the US Open? Tasty eats recently? Do you like to go to Whole Foods? What do you eat/buy when you go?


16 thoughts on “WIAW: Whole Foods Trip

  1. I’m so jealous of your access to Whole Foods! My closest location is in Vancouver, which is a 12 hr drive. Ahhh!!!

    I’ve been to the one in Vegas a couple times and I stocked up on salad bar stuff, Chobani (we can’t get it in Canada), kombucha and sushi!

  2. ive never had dinner at whole foods but I think i just have to jump on this bandwagon! i hear they have really goo pizza too! and free samples!?! whoa my wf gives out like maybe a 1/4 of a cookie for their “samples” pshhhhhh not cool!
    haha I love your tennis lingo!
    have a great Wednesday! xoxo

  3. *drool* smoked salmon sandwich sounds good for right about now! i rarely ever go to whole foods as the only locations they have here are downtown… plus, it’s way out of my grocery budget! 😛

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