Fascinating Friday Links #2

Happy Friday!

Here is the second edition of Fascinating Friday Links, and I’ve got some pretty good ones for ya! I found A LOT of fun links, so I went a little crazy this time. Nevertheless, enjoy!

fascinating friday

Food for Thought

[Can eating the food of our heritage help us manage our weight?] The Way We Eat {is it all in our genes?} via Health Ninja

[Honest tips and experience on dealing with a tough time in life] Sixteen Months Ago via Undressed Skeleton

[Beautiful Pinterest board] Chastity Project Pinterest Board

[A non-judgemental, yet non-excusing perspective on Miley Cyrus’s performance] Don’t Be a Jerk About the Twerk via Just Jenny From the Blog

[Great life lessons for everyone] Lessons I’ve Learned in My 25 Years via Perfection Isn’t Happy

[I love that her recipe comes with saint info] Saint Francis Seelos, Apple Strudel, and Year of Faith via My Catholic Kitchen

Health and Fitness

[All about sleep] Wake Up! via Fueling a Healthy Life

[How many calories do you need at least?] The Calorie Conspiracy via Fuel for a Healthy Life

[Similar subject: Remember you need calories just to LIVE] WIAW: Less is Not More via The Real Life RD

[Because posture is important] Fit Tip: 3 Tips for Perfect Posture via Michelle Phan

[When you’re losing workout motivation] What To Do When Beast Mode is Off via Live Love Laugh Lift

[Quick, effective ab workout] Killer 10 Minute Ab Workout via Purely Twins

[If you love snacks like me] The How-To Guide to Smart Snacking via Hungry and Fit

Food for Belly

[For Chipotle lovers] Copycat Chicken Burrito Bowl via Fit Foodie Finds

[A mighty tasty-looking dressing] Wasabi Cucumber Dressing via Peas and Crayons

[Genius idea for oatmeal] Green Tea Latte Oatmeal via Yeah…Imma Eat That

[Who doesn’t love mac and cheese?] Healthy Macaroni and Cheese via Picky Eater Blog

[Bored with veggies?] Spice Up Your Veggies via Kath Eats Real Food

Food for Sweet Teeth

[I love 3-ingredient desserts] Almost S’more Banana Cookies via Hungry and Fit

[No bake? Nut butter? Protein? I’m all for it] No Bake Almond Fudge Protein Bars via Running with Spoons

[‘Nough said] Toasted Coconut Milkshakes via Bev Cooks

[Cutest vlog ever and for the vegans] The Best (Healthier) Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies via The Diva Dish

[More simple and yummy bites] Butterscotch Banana Bread Oatmeal Bites via Peanut Butter Fingers

[Cool and odd ice cream flavors] 16 Delightful Ice Cream Flavors You Never Thought Existed via Buzz Feed

Other Fun Stuff

[For the Harry Potter fans, college alumni, college-goers, and college-bound] 21 College Campuses That Make You Feel Like You’re at Hogwarts  via Buzz Feed

So tell me: Which links made you think? Which ones made you drool? Which ones made you want to get cookin’?


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