Dance Company Picnic

Hey there!

I hope you had a wonderful Thursday! It started out as a gloomy one around these parts, but now it’s clear and be-a-u-tiful. Just in time for dance company’s first picnic!

First and foremost, my day started with a messy, but delicious breakfast:


Finished off a container of 2% plain Greek yogurt. Topped with half a peach, some banana slices, cereal, and vanilla sunbutter.

I also had a dentist appointment, and I’m happy to report that my teeth are lookin’ just fine! However, apparently my wisdom teeth are coming in…so hopefully that doesn’t become an issue. Also, I floss every day pretty thoroughly (some days more so than others), but I do my best. Yet for some reason, my dentist keeps suggesting, “You could actually start flossing, ya know…” Like, really? I even do it the exact way he’s shown me to floss. *Shaking my head*

Next was a quick lunch eaten in the car before going to an awesome, sweaty ballet class:

DSC_5896 DSC_5897

A two-egg omelet stuffed with spinach, mozzarella, tomato, and basil that I cut in half and put between two pieces of bread. AKA an egg sandwich. ‘Twas quick and tasty!

Then came the super fun part of the day–company picnic! This is dance company’s first formal get-together during which we eat, chat, share our “me” posters, and get to know each other more (since some new company members enter every year).

DSC_5898 DSC_5902

A lovely spread of finger foods, including homemade Oreos by my friend Susie! They were a hit, girl!

I’ve been in dance company for the past two years, and although the members change slightly from year to year as some people graduate and others enter high school, I can honestly say that every company member I’ve been with is like a sister to me. We obviously share our love of dancing, but we also share so many fun (and crazy-weird) experiences, stories, emotions, and jokes that make the company bond so unique and special. They’re a big part of my life, so you’ll probably be seeing more of these lovely ladies on the blog throughout the school year!


Company 2014!ย 


Seniors. Already?! Can’t even think about it.

We had a blast, and I learned some fun (and HILARIOUS) facts about each of them. I’m so excited for the dance season to start!

Have a nice evening, and I’ll see you tomorrow for Fascinating Friday Links ๐Ÿ™‚

So tell me: Do you have a group of people with whom you share a unique friendship/bond? Do you floss? (<–Random question. I won’t judge.)


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