WIAW: If I Played a Sport…

I was watching the US Open last night–Duval vs. Stosur–and I must say, I love watching tennis. It’s really the only sport I enjoy watching. I always tell people that if I could learn to play any sport, I would choose tennis, and it’s not just because the ladies wear the cutest outfits. The athleticism, the excitement, and everything about it just appeals to me! My family and I have had our fair share of tennis events actually:


{2007} Meeting Pete Sampras at the International Tennis Hall of Fame. (Little nugget me, when I was ACTUALLY 11 years old.)


{2010} US Open

It’s funny because no one in my immediate family even plays tennis. We just like it!

Well anyway, the main focus of this post is the food! Thanks, Jenn for hosting WIAW as always! This is more of a sample of my recent eats. Some you may have already seen some of these meals on my posts from this week, but some are new. Nevertheless, here ’tis:




Kath’s whipped banana oats with sunflower seed butter and cereal on top for crunch



Grilled “Free Bird” Chicken Breast Sandwich with basil, mozzarella, sauteed onions, and tomato aioli on sun-dried tomato bread. From the lunch date with my dance friend last week! YUM.



DSC_5803 DSC_5814

Raw energy bars, green grapes, and lots of unpictured yogurt bowls!


This dinner was the bomb. A compilation of some of my favorite foods on one plate! Even Ben walked by and said, “Wow that looks good,” to which I replied, “You want someeeeee!” But he had already finished his dinner. Too bad, so sad. Next time, bro!


Avocado toast, caprese (LOVE), and chicken.

Late Snacks


DSC_5821 DSC_5879

Protein smoothies!


This thing is tiny, but it is perfect for a light dessert! 

Happy Wednesday!

So tell me: Do you like tennis? If you could learn to play a new sport, what would it be? What have you been eating this week?