Lucky Charms on My Smoothie

I can’t believe it’s already past 5 PM!

Thank God for this blessed Tuesday! I woke up a little earlier to go to a (pointless) ENT appointment, and then a couple hours later (plus a nap in between) it was time to go to my first ballet class of the year. My muscles are definitely not used to all that turnout. Oof.

Then of course, there’s the food I’ve been eating!

Last Night’s Snack

It was sweet, colorful, and something I should make for St. Patrick’s Day:


Green smoothie with LUCKY CHARMS sprinkled on top! This smoothie had milk, frozen fruit, protein powder, and some spinach (you CANNOT taste it at all–pinky promise).

Lucky Charms are my guilty pleasure, and I often contemplate buying a box whenever I see them on the shelves. Then I turn down the idea because I want to be “mature.” But then again, if I look like I’m 12 years old, who would care if I bought them anyway?



Sunflower seed butter and peach jam sandwich + banana (+ a glass o’ milk on the side)


…Was eaten at the dance studio and included this awesome sandwich:


Avocado and smoked salmon on sunflower seed bread. So good.

Sorry if it smelled like fish in the dressing room, ladies. But not that sorry đŸ˜‰

I think I am speaking truthfully when I say that all the dance company girls are PUMPED about the repertoire we’re learning right now. That’s always a great way to start off the year. The piece is called Spells, choreographed by Michael Foley, and one of our teachers is re-staging it. The dance makes us feel intense, a little dark, a little mysterious, and just cool. I can’t show any of the piece on the blog for copyright reasons, but you can check out this Youtube video to get a sense of Michael Foley’s style!

Another day of bootcamp awaits tomorrow. I’m so excited to be with all the dance company girls, and I’ll probably introduce their lovely faces on Thursday after our first formal get-together.

Have a lovely evening!

So tell me: Do you like Lucky Charms? Any delicious eats today? How was your Tuesday?