Sweating Puddles

So my dance friends and I did indeed get our butts handed to us in conditioning class this morning. Sore butts now, actually. I was literally–LITERALLY— sweating puddles. Sorry, ladies. I wiped it up if that helps…no, right? Deep down though, I had a good time because it was the kind of exercise I love to do–functional movements with little breaks in between. The Horton technique dance class that followed conditioning also reminded us how much our bodies aren’t used to dancing. Yikes.


Hello, obliques!!


Oh, and the callouses are emerging.


Luckily, I had some delicious fuel before our sweat-fest:


Whole grain sunflower seed toast; one with vanilla sunbutter, one with crunchy peanut butter; sliced bananas arrayed on top + glass o’ milk.

I had my senior photo appointment today as well. It’s funny considering how long it takes to get all dolled-up for pictures that take about 10 minutes. I spent a good hour doing my hair and makeup, drove to school, sat for the photos, drove home, took off the makeup and jewelry, and changed into my PJs. Well, I guess those photos will forever be imprinted for all our future loved ones to see. No pressure.




(I did have lunch and a big snack, I just didn’t take a picture of them.) Dinner was random, but delicious!

DSC_5878 DSC_5877

A couple baby sweet potatoes, chicken, and caprese (THE best).

So tell me: When was the last time you sweat puddles? Do you still look back on old yearbooks? 


Snacky Snacks {MIMM #2}


I hope your Monday is off to a great start! Today marks the start of dance bootcamp, and I’m so excited to get back into it and see all my company girls again! This morning starts with conditioning taught by a buff and intense jazz teacher, who I love, but I know I’m about to get my butt handed to me.

Today I’m also joining Katie’s Marvelous in My Monday again! Beware: lots of snacks in this post.


Marvelous is…

My family. God gave me a mother, father, and brother who know exactly how to deal with my annoying life issues. Friday night going into Saturday was really rough due to some severe insomnia. My parents prayed with me, comforted me, and did what they could to try to help me fall asleep. And Ben tried to give me some advice on relaxation. Despite my hardships in not being able to sleep, my heart is overflowing with gratitude and love for them.

Marvelous is…

God’s Word. #shereadstruth


Marvelous is…

Reading this awesome story. Mao’s Last Dancer is one of my summer reading books, and I am loving it! It’s a true story about a Chinese boy with a very poor peasant background, who is randomly chosen to learn ballet as a part of Chairman Mao’s artistic army for Communism (or something like that). He ends up becoming one of the best at the academy and comes to America to pursue his dreams and escape the hopeless destiny of being a peasant worker for the rest of his life.



I still have about 50 pages to go, and I can’t wait to finish! *Note: if you buy this book through iBooks like I did, just know that the only version available is the Young Reader’s version, which I did not realize until I started reading it. Thus, the reading is a little on the basic side, but the story is still wonderful.*

Marvelous is…

Banana oats with sunflower seed butter while watching Food Network.


Marvelous is…

Peaches! Gotta eat them while they’re still in season.


Marvelous is…

Lunch with my great aunt and her friend! They’re both Maryknoll sisters. We went back to the Vietnamese restaurant at which we ate when coming back from Canada. (<–I think that is proper grammar, but it sounds weird. Eh.)

DSC_5866 DSC_5868

Look at that medium-rare salmon! Mmm.

Marvelous is…

Snapea crisps.


Marvelous is…

Browsing through a bunch of Asian treats that I used to love. Who doesn’t love panda bears stuffed with cream? C’monnn.

 IMG_2228 IMG_2229

“Rare cheesecake” flavor caught my bro’s attention

Marvelous is…

Any salsa from Trader Joe’s that has corn in it. Currently: Cowboy Caviar.


Marvelous is…

Chobani that tastes like a creamsicle.


Not so marvelous is it spilling onto my camera as I excitedly stirred it. Nice work, Alison.


And this smoothie that tasted like a creamsicle.


Marvelous is…

Ana’s farewell barbecue! Ana is one of the girls from dance company last year and she’s leaving for college soon, so we celebrated (happily and sadly)!

IMG_2230  IMG_2233


Good luck, Ana! We’ll miss you!

Marvelous is…

The Great Food Truck Race on Food Network! Does anyone else love this show?


Except that it’s season 4! [source]

Have a great Monday!

So tell me: What are some snacks you’ve been loving lately? Have you ever tried Pocky or Hello Panda? How was your weekend?