Sleepy Monday

Hey there!

I hope your Monday is going well so far. Mine has gone by pretty fast, which is why I haven’t posted until now. The only thing is that I’m super tired thanks to a great 2-hour stretch of insomnia last night -_- . I have an issue every so often in which I’m SO tired that I have trouble falling asleep. I’ve figured out that it’s probably due to my over-thinking, stubborn brain. That little stinker. It’s hard to explain why I have so much trouble some nights, and it is certainly never fun to experience, but it happens.

Anyway, two different doctor appointments were on the schedule for today. Fun stuff, right? The first one was at 10 AM so a quick breakfast had to be put in my belly:

DSC_5722 DSC_5723

Bowl of Special K strawberry, PB Puffins, and chia seeds with milk + banana with sunflower seed butter

Tasty! (*In the Candy Crush man’s creepy voice*)

After my appointment, my mom and I made a quick stop to Costco to pick up some replenishments for our pantry and fridge. Then came the highlight of my day–a Starbucks catch-up with my friend Lilly from dance!


Green tea frapps for both of us

In my dance company, we have a fun “Big Sis, Little Sis” matchup where a current company member becomes the big sister to an incoming company member. Lilly is a senior like me, but she just moved to New York last year and made it into company this year, so I’m her big sister (even though I’m shorter 😉 )! We had an awesome time talking about college, west coast vs. east coast, and healthy food (which she loves just like me!). Loved our bonding time 🙂

I just finished lunch, which I threw together in about 2 minutes, because I kinda just want to NAP. I wanted to work out around this time, but I think my body needs sleep. Plus, I have another doctor’s appointment at 5 PM. Woo.

DSC_5724 DSC_5725

Whole wheat angel hair pasta with spinach and salmon. Sriracha drizzle of course!

My lack of sleep is making this Monday sort of a hazy day, but pray for me that I can nap and sleep tonight!

Have a great rest of the day!

So tell me: Do you ever have trouble sleeping due to over-thinking? What do you like to get at Starbucks or any coffee shop?