The Bottomless Pit That is My Stomach

Good afternoon! 

I hope you’re all having a nice Saturday. My family has been enjoying some rest and relaxation so far. Dad just came back from working out at the track, which motivates me to do a little somethin’ somethin’ later. Or I might just take a rest day. 😀 We’ll see. Our plans for tonight include Mass and a dinner at a Brazilian steakhouse for which my mom bought a Groupon. Excited to try it out!

When I woke up (for the second time) at 10, I was not feeling full whatsoever from my first breakfast. In fact, I was more than ready to eat again. My stomach is just a bottomless pit today!  I guess it’s understandable since I had eaten 4 hours ago, but still. Am I finally growing?!

There are some days during which my stomach feels full at every meal even before I eat, and then there are some days like today during which I am one hungry, hungry hippo. I just go with the flow! 


DSC_5693 DSC_5694

English muffin with peanut butter on one half, vanilla sunflower seed butter on the other, banana slices on both. Glass o’ milk as always!


After having an apple….

DSC_5696 DSC_5697

English muffin (again!) with mashed avocado, sautéed spinach, and two sunnies. Sriracha Jackson Pollack style.

Crackers and hummus  + another glass o’ milk on the side!

Enjoy your weekend!

So tell me: Do you have days where your stomach feels like a bottomless pit? Any fun plans tonight or tomorrow?




2 thoughts on “The Bottomless Pit That is My Stomach

  1. I definately have those days!!! And now looking at all your delicious food is getting me hungry again!! ahhh what are you doing to me?! lol jk
    Ok random questions but what kind of milk do you drink?
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!xoxo

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