WIAW: One Week of Blogging

‘Tis another Wednesday, which means another WIAW! The super duper host Jenn is hangin’ in there with little chickpea in the womb!


It’s been one week since I started this li’l blog here. I can gush and say how it feels like I’ve been blogging for sooo long already and how I love love love it (the latter is true though), but then I’d sound like those silly middle schoolers (and high schoolers, let’s be real) who celebrate their first week-a-versaries with picture edits and kissy faces on every social media network.

“OMGOMG happy first weekaversary, sweetie!!!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH HOW DID I EVER LIVE WITHOUT YOU?! 8-7-14 ❤ ❤ ❤ :* “

Don’t wanna go there.

But honestly, the blogging community has already made me feel welcome, and I’m so thankful for their support and the support of my family and friends.

So here is what I ate last Wednesday Tuesday:


DSC_5150 DSC_5151

Overnight oats in a sunflower seed butter jar! Topped with Special K strawberry cereal for crunch later. Kath was right–it is THE BEST.

It ain’t pretty, but it tastes amazing in my opinion. For those of you who are asking yourself why it looks like I ate baby barf for breakfast, do not fear! Overnight oats are a cold preparation of oatmeal in which you let rolled oats soak in either milk or a mix of milk and yogurt (how I like it), along with things like fruit, nut butter (absolute necessity for me), seeds/nuts, and whatever else you like. Mix it all together (Hannah Montana throwback whoa) in the morning and that’s your breakfast! It’s best in an almost empty nut butter jar as seen above. Just ask almost any healthy living blogger.

Overnight oats are probably not for everyone. I loved it from the first day I tried it about a year ago, and it has become my all-time favorite breakfast thanks to Kath (from Kath Eats Real Food). She makes her overnight oats look much more appealing than mine though. I’ll work on it.


DSC_5152 DSC_5153

Sandwich with two eggs, salsa, avocado, and parmesan. Apple and Trader Joe’s sweet potato chips on the side.



Greek yogurt, banana slices, strawberry, almonds.


DSC_5156 DSC_5157

Flatout wrap with spinach, salmon, tomatoes, salsa. Strawberries and crackers with more salsa on the side.

I definitely ate more strawberries. Three doesn’t cut it.

For a late night snack, I shared a piece of Georgia peach bread with my mom and had some plain yogurt with half an orange before bed.

It was a delicious day of eats, if I do say so myself! Looking back at this makes me SO excited to be cooking meals at home for ourselves again. Eating out has been nice, but I miss my own food too. ESPECIALLY breakfast…

…DID YOU KNOW that I didn’t have any nut/seed butter with my breakfast the past two days?! I think I broke a very long streak, because I have had some kind of nut/seed butter somewhere in my breakfast every single morning for the past, I dunno, year (more or less)? Surprisingly, I’m not as disappointed as I thought I’d be. There’s more to life than nut butter, Alison. 

Have a nice Wednesday, everyone!

So tell me: What are some good breakfasts/meals you’ve been eating lately? Are you as obsessed with nut butter as I am? 


12 thoughts on “WIAW: One Week of Blogging

  1. A lot more to life than nut butter?! I’m not sure I agree with that statement. 😉 Hahaha just kidding, but I am also pretty obsessed with nut butter. 😛
    Overnight oats in a nut butter jar really IS the best breakfast ever. And your sandwich combination sounds amazing!! Eggs + avocado sandwiches are soooo good! 🙂

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