Pizza and a Prayer

Dinner was fantabulous (<–Is this a real word?? There’s no red line underneath!) tonight! I was inspired by Morganne’s Flatout pizzas a while ago, but I never got my hands on Flatouts until recently. They are delicious! They’ve got lots of healthy bonuses too. Not necessarily the low-calorie aspect, but the fiber, protein, and whole grains are great!


Fiber=happy tummies

I didn’t grill the Flatout like Morganne, but toasting it in the toaster oven for 5-6 minutes worked splendidly. After my “pizza crust” was nice and crispy, I topped it with some avocado, spinach, fresh tomato, grilled chicken, grated parmesan, and sriracha!


This…this was somethin’. It had wonderful different flavors and textures: crispy flatbread, creamy avocado, savory chicken, fresh tomatoes, and spicy sriracha.

You might be wondering how I attacked this monster of a pizza. Well I just cut it into three pieces and went for it! I must admit, it was pretty messy, which is why it’s a good thing I enjoyed it in the privacy of my own home. Tomatoes and sriracha were everywhere. Had a chicken casualty after a piece fell to the floor. I’m surprised there’s no food in my hair!


Worth it

Also, I used our new Microplane to grate the parmesan. No wonder every Food Network star uses this thing! It made perfect little curled ribbons of cheese for my pizza. Can’t wait to use it for zesting–then I’ll really feel like Giada!


We will be up at 4:30 AM tomorrow, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (yeah right), to hit the road for Canada. We’re visiting family and I can’t wait!

I made a bountiful supply of chicken sandwiches and salmon wraps for us to eat on the way.


We should be good

The last thing I want to leave you all with is a prayer. I found this beautiful prayer for new beginnings that I think is perfect for the start of Daily Moves and Grooves. Whatever I do on this blog, I wish to do for His glory. Wherever God takes me, I pray that I will have the strength to follow.

Good night!

So tell me: What do you like to put on a personalized pizza? Do you like road trips? Any favorite road trip foods?


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