I Like Burpees

I know what you’re thinking: Who ARE you?!



Allow me to explain.

It has taken me a long time, but I have come to really like doing burpees and incorporating them into my workouts in some way or another. (For those of you who at this point think I am some kind of disgusting slob for liking “burpees,” I’m speaking of  the cardio exercise called the burpee! Promise. Glad we cleared things up 🙂 . )

Now don’t get me wrong, burpees are still intense and some days are more killer than others, but I love that they are a super fast way to get my heart rate up and use muscles in every part of my body. Doing burpees to me is like running to others. It’s sorta my go-to exercise. And let me just say now, I DO NOT like running. I try, but I don’t think running likes me either. My brother is the opposite–he likes to run but is not a fan of burpees. He thinks burpees are harder than running, and I clearly disagree. I’ve just never been able to get into the groove with running…


Thus, I would much rather do burpees and circuit workouts as my cardio. I’m sure if I stuck with running long enough, I would enjoy it. Right now I run occasionally….like once every two months. Maybe. Or in phys ed.


My moves (a.k.a. exercise; see the blog title reference? 🙂 ) today included plenty of burpees! After doing this as a warmup, I completed Michelle’s Sunday Surge Sunrise Workout and it was INTENSE. I did two rounds with 12 lb. dumbbells as suggested (anyone who does three rounds of this is a superhero) and was sweating puddles. Lovely.

The burpees in this workout were competition style, which means you lower yourself to the floor until your belly and chest touch. You can see how it’s done in this video. It’s different from a burpee with a pushup because you can use your whole body to get up, not just your arms…if that makes sense. It’s called the “efficient” pushup. You could do a real pushup after touching your chest and belly to the ground, in which case you would also be a superhero.

On that note, I love doing different kinds of burpees! There are tons of variations out there, and some of them are pretty scary. Like this one. I mean, even the name is scary.

I’m also trying to do Sweat and Orange’s burpee challenge this week. It starts with 10 burpees, and 10 burpees are added for the next four days until you get to 50 in a row. These are just the regular burpees with no pushup and no belly-flop.



Check it out and try it with me!

Oh, I broke one of our dumbbells too. *Slow clap* Mom was actually okay with it ’cause they’re over a decade old anyway.


Snacks and Lunch

Both simple and delicious!


An oatmeal banana cookie before working out


Post-burpee fest


Chicken, spinach, tomato sandwich with Trader Joe’s sweet potato chips (YUM)

So tell me: Do you like burpees? What is your favorite type of cardio? 


23 thoughts on “I Like Burpees

  1. Oh man!! I did a burpee-thon and got a terrible injury that resulted in surgery! Of course a burpee-thon is extreme, and I am not sure what I was thinking when I signed up for it. Be careful with those things! I will never do one of those again haha!

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