WIAW: Florida and Atlantic City


I literally just finished typing up my Introduction post, and now I’m posting my first “real” post. I’m feelin’ the new blogger rush! Woohoo! (See, I’m already embarrassing myself.)

Since it’s Wednesday, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to join in the most fabulous blog party out there–What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW)! Hosted by the one and only Jenn from Peas and Crayons. WIAW is actually how my whole blog following started. I would click on every single link on that darn WIAW linkup. It was summer. I had the time. Thus, I am probably too giddy to finally be doing my very own!


Over the past couple of weeks, my family has been in Florida on vacation. Two weeks sounds like a longggg time, but we have a house down there where we like to stay for holidays and extended vacations. So here are some meals and snacks I’ve been enjoying (lots o’ photos coming!) :


Homemade fish tacos


The classic: toast with homemade peanut butter and Naturally Nutty Pepita Sunseed Butter, topped with banana slices

Whenever I have this kind of breakfast, I always have to take turns biting into each piece of toast. And it tends to be a bite on the same part of the toast. I dunno, it’s like I need to alternate between the two flavors of the nut butters, so it’s all Even Steven (<–didn’t even like that show). Does anyone else do this??


Lots of meals that looked like this. Caprese (with mint instead of basil) and a salad with an egg and tempeh

I tried tempeh for the first time in Florida. We got the pre-seasoned Sesame Ginger one, and it was too salty. The flavor of the wasn’t my fave either. Don’t think I’ll be picking up tempeh again anytime soon.


Green smoothie





First Cracker Barrel experience. Corn muffins were the best part.


Hotel breakfast. Brought some sunflower seed butter back from Florida and a peach from Georgia (we road tripped to and from Florida) to mix in with the hotel’s plain oatmeal. Improvisation.

We also stopped by Atlantic City for a couple nights on our road trip and had some yummy food there! The splurge of the trip was dinner at a Spanish restaurant called Amada by Iron Chef Jose Garces. View was amazing, ambiance was cool, food was alright, and prices were HIGH. The real star of our AC dining experience was a MUCH cheaper restaurant called Gilchrist, and it also had a view. It’s a super popular breakfast and brunch place, and boy, we can see why! Best part:


Ginormous blueberry hotcakes. Oh yes.

So stinkin’ big. So flippin’ fluffy and delicious. My mom, brother, and I shared just one short stack (two pancakes). We were debating getting more to go ’cause they’re justย that good.

Well that was one humungous post. Forgive me, I’m a little excited about this whole blogging thing.

I need to go be productive in other things now.


Have a wonderful week!


12 thoughts on “WIAW: Florida and Atlantic City

  1. Hi, your green smoothie looks wow! Can you please share the recipe and it would be suitable for a magic bullet? Protein powder or no? Thanks!!

    • Hey! I think this smoothie was just a frozen banana, some fresh peach, yogurt (about 1/3 c), milk (1/2-1 c), spinach (couple handfuls), and ice! No protein powder in this one. I’ve never used a magic bullet before, but I’ve seen people make green smoothies like this in a magic bullet. Let me know if you try it!

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