WIAW: Short and Sweet


This post is up quite a bit later than usual because I wasn’t feeling too great last night, so I hit the hay rather than writing this post. Man, was it worth it because I cannot remember the last time I slept that long! I feel like a spring chicken!

I’ve got a ton of photos for you all of the food that has been makin’ me smile recently. Happy WIAW!


Click over to Jenn’s blog to see more eats!



Peanut butter banana rice bowl


Greek yogurt with chia, cinnamon, nutmeg, honey, banana, leftover waffle, and almond butter


Long time, no hot oats! Greek yogurt with hot banana oats and peanut butter on top + cereal for crunch!

overnight oats

Overnight oats in jars. Favorites.



Soba noodles + egg tofu crab zucchini scramble (all thanks to mom) ➔ went back for seconds!


Daliza’s leftover (torn up) corn tortillas with avocado, salt, and pepper + two soft boiled eggs


Babysitting lunch on the go: grilled ham, brie, jam, spinach panini


Avocado toast + carrots + crab scrambled eggs


Toast with avocado + toast with sunflower seed butter + crab egg scramble + sautéed zucchini

photo 2 copy 6

The BEST chicken gyro I’ve ever eaten. I ate the whole thing and I had mega food baby.



Super quick peanut butter banana green smoothie to fuel me through carpet removal


Amanda’s peaches and cream smoothie + greens


Lucky Charms!!!

zucchini bread

Zucchini banana bread with sunflower seed butter



The big green salad with two soft boiled eggs + sunflower seed butter toast


Another panini + carrots

picstitch copy

Our Korean feast




I have to keep this super short and sweet today because I’m headed to brunch with Veronica, Je’lyn, and Jeannine. They’re all leaving me for college in the next two days, so this will be our last hurrah! Oh my GOSH.

Hope you all enjoyed seeing some of noms this week. #NOMaste (I’ll explain more about where I got that from later ;) ) Have an wonderful Wednesday!

So tell me:

What is the best thing you’ve eaten this past week?

Any ethnic foods?


This is Why I Love Working Out


That’s how I feel about yesterday! It was tiring and busy, but incredibly joyful and blessed all the same.

My day started with breakfast and some moves outside since it was a picture perfect day. I did this arm workout from PurelyTwins and it burned my shoulders and core! I love that it was short and sweet too, because I was anxious to get this over with:

#ALSicebucketchallenge (<— click on the link to learn more)

That woke me up for sure! My uncle that I nominated thinks I didn’t pour enough ice water onto myself though. He said my bowl “ain’t no bucket. That’s more like a soda fountain cup.” I’m expecting him to stand under an ice cold waterfall now.

I air-dried pretty quickly while I got to work baking Jenn’s fluffy flax, fruit, and veggie bread (zucchini banana walnut bread)! It looks like chocolate, but it’s just dark because of the whole wheat flour. It’s not burnt either, I promise.

zucchini bread

End slice while it’s still warm and crispy with sunflower seed butter— a life necessity

After lunching and munching, moving and grooving, Mom and I tackled the next house project on our list: removing all the carpets from our rooms. Guys, I felt like I ran a half marathon (or something strenuous like that since I’ve never run that far in my life) after the 3.5 hours of cutting, ripping, rolling, carrying, and stair climbing. That stuff was a full body workout! So much respect for contractors.

This, my friends, is exactly the reason why I love working out. I can help my mom move heavy furniture, carry things up and down the stairs, and fold up huge pieces of splintered foam for hours. I felt every part of my body working yesterday, but I felt strong!

I also credit the large amount of nut butter I ate in an effort to keep my energy up but…The point is that I love to work out because it helps me kick butt at daily life. We can be great servants of God through very ordinary deeds.

I’ll step off my soapbox now.

When we finished all the work, I listened to “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” since it was going through my head all afternoon. Then we showered and collapsed in the living room, where our beds are currently located.

photo 1 copy 6

I’m only smiling because I was overtired and giddy as heck. Mom even said, “You must be drunk.” I assure you I drank nothing but water and a peanut butter banana smoothie. But seriously, I was just so happy to be spending quality time with my mom and to be exhausted in a good way!

After chatting for a while with limp bodies, we pried ourselves from the mattresses to go eat dinner a la Groupon.

picstitch copy

We went to one of our favorite Korean restaurants and ordered a lot of food (all the things on the left besides the sushi on top came with our meals— they’re Korean side dishes!) because we needed to use the full value of the Groupon and we were so dang hungry. We shared all the side dishes, a tuna-yellowtail-salmon roll, broiled eel, and bibimbap. That crispy rice on the bottom of the bibimbap is GOLD. The eel was also amazing.

We cleaned up every single plate. The owner of the restaurant seemed kinda scared yet thankful when we stacked up all our dishes continuously.

I was full, but not too full for some more apple pie a la mode when I got home! :D

{Mom is already fast asleep as I’m finishing this post. Knocked out!}

Hope you all have an awesome day!

So tell me:

Why do you love working out?

Have you ever eaten Korean food? 

House Project Weekend


Despite the weekend posting, I haven’t been updating you on what’s been moving and grooving over here the past few days. It’s been hectic, but marvelous-hectic.


Linking up with Mrs. Marvelous herself— Katie!


We’re starting all the way from Thursday this time! Thursday is like the new addition to the weekend, right? Anticipation for Friday?

Moves: A lower body workout with pistol squats, Bulgarian split squats, sumo squats, and elevated bridges. I used light weights, but my legs were still trembling! Totally not used to anything but bodyweight…

photo 1 copy 3

How I feel at the bottom of a pistol squat

I babysat for a few hours, during which I walked down memory lane (aka Sesame Street), picked up chicken nugget pieces, and chased around this cute little munchkin.

photo 2 copy 2

Later, mom and I went to church, and then I got crafty.


My aunt gave me the nice frame, which came with a code for a free collage that I could create online, and I made the pink poster myself. Mom said my poster was “crusty” due to the good ol’ Elmer’s glue. I say it’s rustic!


This past Friday could also be known as “move ALL THE THINGS day” in our house. Not only was I finally starting to pack clothes and books for college, but mom and I moved all the furniture and objects from the rooms upstairs to the main floor. This happened because mom is renovating the rooms with some new floors and painted walls. The current 12-year-old stained carpets and scraped walls just aren’t that cute anymore.

photo 3

Sorry the panda pillow pet is mooning you

In the process of getting something from the top shelf of my closet, I bonked my head really hard on the edge of the door post. I have a hard head, but I stepped up quite quickly and forcefully, so it hurt pretty badly. There’s a tender bump on my skull, but now I have an excuse if I start acting giddy and loopy!

photo 4

Ice ice baby

Some walking and fresh air helped!

photo 5

My quads were toast from my workout the day before, so walking down the stairs at the park was the hardest part of my day. Going down is deceivingly difficult with sore legs! It was even more comfortable walking uphill than walking on a level path.


More furniture moving and treasure-finding while organizing our things {treasures = a bunch of cookbooks}!

Moves: unscrewing things from the walls (serious arm workout with those stubborn screws!), moving furniture, pushups, and an 8-minute ab tabata

After I ran some errands, mom and I went to choose the new paint color for the walls. We got a color called “Beach House,” so I’m hoping it feels tropical in here when I get back from chilly Boston. ;)

photo 2 copy 3

I went out to dinner with my friends that night and we had some awesome laughs and conversations. I had a monster Thai Chicken salad that was drowned in sauce, so the dressing was completely unnecessary.

photo 1 copy 4

We had a fun night!


7 hours of painting.


Paint in my hair, paint in my eyelashes, paint in my underwear.

A break was taken to nourish ourselves, buy extra paint brushes, and detour to buy ice cream for the apple pie we bought from a church fundraiser. Painting all day is tiring, so I’d say this was a well-deserved treat!


Although, I still would have had it whether I painted all day or not.

Now that our rooms are all filled with paint fumes, we’re having a slumber party in the basement! I think the fumes already started affecting me though, because I was extra giggly last night. Or maybe it’s my head still.

Hope y’all have a great Monday!

So tell me:

One thing you did this weekend!

Have you done any house projects recently?

What were your moves this weekend?

7 Random Facts About Me {Inspiring Blogger Award}

Fancy checking in with you this Saturday!

I don’t usually post on the weekends, but I’m making an exception on this last (!!!) full week before I head to Boston. I literally just started hyperventilating, so excuse me as I just INHALE….exhale….

Moving on. The lovely Katherine @ The Peanut Butter Lover and Jess @ Story of a Girl nominated me for the Inspiring Blogger Award, and I think it’s about time I posted my facts! Thank you so much, ladies! ♥ If you have not yet, you gotta check out their blogs. They’re both so witty and thoughtful. I just want to be their BFFs.

Here’s how it works:

Link the blogger(s) that nominated you 
List 7 facts about yourself
Tag 5 other bloggers

So let’s jump into these crazy, exciting facts, shall we?

1) Becoming a nun is not out of the question for me.

All my friends know I’m a devout Catholic, so there are jokes thrown around that I could become a nun one day, but little do people realize that…yeah, I could become a nun one day! Whichever vocation to which God is calling me is where I want to go. I mean, can we get a woot woot for Mother Teresa? I think yes.

2) I have a crooked pinky.

Most of my friends know this as well, but all you friends through the inter webs might not know about it.


It’s not terribly crooked, but it’s noticeable for sure. I got it from my mama’s genes and I like it. The pinky has character.

3) I do not know how to knit, garden, or use a sewing machine.

Help. I need these skills if I want to be that mother/grandmother/nun. My mom taught me how to knit when I was little, but I’ve forgotten how. As for the other two, we cannot garden in our little NY backyard right now, and sewing machines just scares me.

4) I kind of wish I continued gymnastics.

Out of all the performance sports in which I’ve been involved (figure skating, gymnastics, and dance, which I plan to continue), I kind of wish I continued gymnastics. I do wish I continued because the sport encompasses so many skills and strengths. On the other hand, I’m happy I did not because it requires an incredible amount of time and dedication, and I don’t think I would want to devote my life to a sport.

Some of my favorite athletes are gymnasts though! Shawn Johnson is amazing.



5) I’ve always been headstrong and competitive about accomplishing athletic feats.

When I was a little competitive figure skater, I would do Pilates and yoga with my mom and get quite frustrated when I couldn’t do the moves/positions like the lady in the video, so I would practice over and over until I could do it with ease. Also, my friends and I used to have contests for how long we could hold a supine flexed arm hang on the playground bar, and I would keep trying to beat the next person.

I’m definitely less competitive now, but I’m still quite determined to do things on my own. Working on that darn handstand now…

6) Before becoming obsessed with blogs, I was obsessed with beauty gurus on YouTube.

My friend Kristi introduced me to the vast world of beauty vloggers a while ago, and I was hooked throughout freshman and sophomore year of high school. Some favorites: MacBarbie07 (now the mega-famous Bethany Mota), Arden Rose (Kristi and I even went to her meet-up in NYC), and HelloKatyxo.

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 11.45.13 PM

I’m happy I went through that makeup/beauty/fashion phase (I can put on eyeshadow without looking like a panda bear}, but I’m happier that it has faded and that blogs have taken its place! Except the blog phase has stuck a little longer ;)

Actually, I’m watching Bethany Mota now. Reminiscing. She’s still my favorite.

7) I carry a water bottle with me everywhere.

If I don’t have it with me, I start feeling as if I don’t have my phone with me. I don’t really need it, but in a case of minor dehydration, I might start panicking a little. Then when I have it with me, I end up not drinking a sip from it. It’s like my security blanket.

photo 5

Along with me on my walk yesterday

There ya have it! 7 very random facts about Alison. Hope you enjoyed knowing about my past, present, and possible future.

I now nominate:

Ashley @ Miles on Oats

Jo @ Living Mint Green

Julianna @ Julianna Bananna

Julia @ Lord Still Loves Me

Linda @ Fit, Fed and Happy

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend! Another post is coming tomorrow hopefully!

So tell me:

A super random fact about yourself!

Do you have any extraordinary physical features?

What is one skill you’d like to learn? 

Fascinating Friday Links #41 + Giveaway Winner

Hi there!

I feel like I have so many things to tell you guys before I leave for Boston, but I just don’t know where to start. I rarely plan my posts, but that’s what I’ve done for the coming week. I might even throw in a couple more posts than usual, but I’ll do my very best to keep them short and sweet (something I can’t always do).

In the meantime, hopefully you all have some time to wind down and catch up on rest and family time this weekend. Here are some Fascinating Friday Links for your reading pleasure!

fascinating friday links

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[Move and groove] 12 Minute Lower Body Interval Workout via Purely Twins + Weight Plate Workout via Run Pretty + Bodyweight HIIT Workout via Your Trainer Paige

Food for Thought

[Your past should not define you] I Am NOT My Past via Story of a Girl

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Food for Belly

[She just knows] Cookies and Cream Banana Soft Serve via The Healthy Maven

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Miscellaneous Fun

[I'm mostly Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Iyengar!] Quiz: What Style of Yoga Is Best For You? via Greatist

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[I'll need these soon enough] 8 Tips for Navigating Grad School via Better With Sprinkles

Giveaway Winner

Thank you to all of you who commented on the Beauty in Christ book giveaway post! The winner [picked randomly] is:

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 6.38.43 PM

Congratulations, Natalie! Email me at dailymovesandgrooves [at] gmail [dot] com so I can get your info to send the book to ya!

{P.S. I used to never know why bloggers typed out their emails like that, but apparently it prevents spam!}

 Hope you all have a wonderful Friday! Happy Feast of the Assumption, fellow Catholics!

“And a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars.” — Revelations 12:1